Sunday, May 19, 2013

Signature Sundays - Jon Lester

Here's the latest addition to my Boston Red Sox autograph collection, a player that's been missing for far too long:

Jon Lester's autograph has eluded me for years.  I don't get the sense that he has as big a hobby following as other stars on the team like David Ortiz or even Dustin Pedroia, but his autographs seem to draw decent attention on ebay nonetheless.  A couple of weeks back I followed an auction for the card above that turned out to be my ticket to finally landing Jon's signature.  Upper Deck's Baseball Heroes and Hockey Heroes designs have always been guilty pleasures of mine, and that was the main driving reason behind this purchase.  The other reason I really like the card is because it commemorates the 2007 World Series, where as the card indicates Jon won the clinching game for Boston.  The #'d/50 copies and the jersey swatch are just icing on the cake, I would have been interested in this card without either.

Given that Lester has been absolutely dominating so far this year (6-0, 2.72 ERA, 50 strikeouts to 15 walks), I expected to get a ton of competition bidding for this one, and to eventually have the card rise out of my predetermined price range.  I was pleasantly surprised to add it to my collection for less than the cost of a blaster, even with shipping included.  A steal in my mind for one of the best southpaws to ever pitch for the team.

That's all for today.  On a side note, if you've been trading with me and are waiting for me to post cards you sent, or send a return package, please be patient.  I'm on a huge project for work that has me traveling to Manhattan every week and living out of a suitcase.  If I owe you a package or a post I promise I haven't forgotten!

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Metallattorney said...

I have gotten the impression that Lester does not have much of a following too. That is a shame because of the things that he has done. And I am not just talking about on the field. I have yet to get a Lester auto myself.

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