Friday, July 25, 2014

1953 Topps Project - Preston Ward

Another day, another 1953 Topps card...

Preston Ward is probably one of the more forgettable guys in the '53 Topps set.  His career was relatively short, he was sort of a utility player, and he didn't swing much of a bat.  Though he's depicted with the Cubbies here, he would be dealt to Pittsburgh before the conclusion of the 1953 season.

He did get one of the more interesting backgrounds in the set though, with a nice, large scoreboard depicted over his shoulder.  Gotta love that Cubs logo as well.  I guess this is a decent example of why I like the '53 Topps set so much, even though I've never heard of Preston before this is still a beautiful vintage card if you ask me.

I love the cartoon on the back, and of course overall I think the '53 Topps backs are some of the greatest of any Topps flagship effort.  A nice large cartoon, the best card numbering scheme I've ever seen with the large, easy-to-read baseball, and I love the red facsimile signatures used as watermarks beneath the write-up.  Not to mention fielding statistics!

Set Progress:  72 of 274 (26%)

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