Sunday, July 13, 2014

Signature Sundays - Foote, Tocchet & Juneau

Three more Panini Classics Signatures autographs that were issued as part of the 2013-14 Contenders release arrived in the mail this past week to join the Valeri Bure and Stu Barnes autos I posted last Sunday...

Adam was a very steady defenseman who won multiple Cups with the Avalanche.  I was glad to acquire his autograph because the Avs were huge during my earlier days as a hockey fan.  Other than a short (and forgettable) 2+ year stint with the Blue Jackets following the lockout in the mid-2000s, Foote was a career Nordiques/Avalance player.  He retired after the 2011 season as the last former Nordique to play an NHL game.

Rick Tocchet was what you'd classify as a "power forward" I guess.  His toughness got him into the league, but he really developed his skill set and became a guy who could bury a puck or two on any given night as well.  400+ career goals and 2,000+ PIM is nothing to scoff at.  He's been involved in the game as a coach for over a decade now, and it was just announced a couple of weeks back that he'll be behind the bench as an assistant in Pittsburgh this season.

Finally, a guy I remember watching a lot of back in the early '90s, Joe Juneau of the Bruins.  I have to say that I never realized that Joe was apparently a super intelligent guy off the ice.  I always think that he played way more games for the Bruins than he did, just because of the number of cards that exist depicting him in B's gear.  In reality it was less than 2 total seasons worth.  His one full season was a beast though, as he took advantage of playing on a line with HOFers Adam Oates and Cam Neely to the tune of 32 goals and 102 points!

Another week, another trio.  Not the most exciting signatures themselves, although Juneau's is kind of unique.  I'll definitely have some more of these to show next Sunday.

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