Monday, February 16, 2015

One Card Post - Jean Yawkey

What:  2001 Fleer Red Sox 100th #74 - Jean Yawkey
Where:  COMC
How Much?:  $.52

: Jean and her husband Tom owned the Red Sox for close to 6 decades, spanning from the early 1930s to the early 1990s.  While there are a few different cards of Tom out there, Jean as far as I know has just this one.  I'm sure she'd be proud that Fleer selected this photograph of her flashing a nice smile in her Sunday best. 

:  I really should work on completing the 100-card Fleer Red Sox 100th Anniversary set this year.  I've probably got 50% of them thanks to some eBay lots and quarter box finds...


Swing And A Pop-up said...

I need to finish that set too.

Mark Hoyle said...

I know at one time John had a bunch of these at his shop

shoeboxlegends said...

Yup, so funny you mention that as about a week after this card came in from COMC I stumbled across it in his quarter box and kicked myself. I did grab quite a few others from him though!

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