Tuesday, February 10, 2015

One Card Post - Solly Drake

What:  1957 Topps #159 - Solly Drake
Where:  COMC
How Much?:  $1.02

:  For a hair over a dollar, I couldn't resist this 1957 Topps Solly Drake in pretty outstanding condition.  Don't know a thing about the man, but it appears he played in just 141 total MLB games over the course of two seasons ('56 and '59).  I sure do like the '57 Topps set though, and knew I didn't have this particular card.
:  It looks like Solly has just one other card officially released during his career, which comes courtesy of 1959 Topps.  Guess I'll have to track that one down to call my Drake collection complete.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget his brother Sammy Drake!

GCA said...

According to Trading Card Database:
1957 Topps #159 Solly Drake RC
1959 Topps #406 Solly Drake
1980 TCMA 1959 Dodgers #9 Solly Drake
1990 Target Los Angeles Dodgers #200 Solly Drake
and one 2008 Heritage buyback

shoeboxlegends said...

Thanks GCA! I saw the TCMA and Target cards listed on Zistle as well, but don't recall the Heritage Buyback. Maybe I'll go all out!

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