Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pack Rip - 1995-96 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey

Ever heard of ice dams?  If you haven't had the pleasure, I invite you to go Google the term.  Suffice to say it has been so bad in New England that I actually had a crew of guys shovel the snow and ice off of my roof today after noticing water trickling down the outside front of my home.  I've lived in New England for 32 years now, and that's the first time I've had to have that done to the place I call home.  There's about 4' of snow on the ground here, to the point where I had to dig my mailbox out of a snowbank in order to keep receiving cards (and bills).  Oh, and on top of that I had what I think may have been the flu this week and missed the last three days of work sick in bed.

Yup, it's winter in New England.  Seems like the perfect time to post another pack of hockey cards...

12 cards from 1995-96 Upper Deck Series 2 hockey, from a retail box I picked up a few months back on the cheap.  Here we go...

Your obligatory one-per-pack Electric Ice parallel.

A great look at Grant Fuhr's St. Louis Blues keyboard mask on this card.  Upper Deck photography at its best.

I have a hard time picturing Pat Falloon with anybody but the Sharks, though he played for 4 other teams in his 9 NHL seasons.

Always like pulling an Irbe card.  Late last year I was finally able to add his autograph to my collection.

Andrei Trefilov, aka not Dominik Hasek.

The names are sometimes a little difficult to read due to the foil, so in case you can't make it out this is Sergei Gonchar.  The same Sergei Gonchar that is still around in the NHL, having logged ice time in two games with the Montreal Canadiens this season.

Never made the NHL.

Ditto.  Not even sure he tried to make the NHL actually.

Here's a name hockey fans will recognize.  Without looking over the checklist, I'd have to say this is probably one of the better guys to pull from the World Junior subset.  In fact, Jose would make his first appearance with the Montreal Canadiens the same year this set was released.

Great look at the Panthers' palm tree shoulder patches on Stu Barnes' card to finish off the pack.

Well, that's about all I can muster for today.  Back to pounding Gatorade...


JediJeff said...

Hot damn that trophy will be fun to see for at least a year. :)

The bronze foil in that year's release always bugged me. Still does.

shoeboxlegends said...

Yes it will, thanks again for holding the contest!

I totally agree with you, probably the one thing that holds the set back from being near perfect in my mind. If they all had silver foil like the Electric Ice parallels do it would be an even better set.

Mark Hoyle said...

Great cards.
Don't have to tell me about ice dams. I've had three of my crew cleaning roofs for two weeks. I spent all day Tuesday cleaning my own. No leaks yet.

Brad said...

Nice cards, I've been enjoying these pack rips from this set.

Billy Kingsley said...

Sorry to hear of the troubles you've been going through. A building just collapsed in my hometown yesterday- and we got half the snow you did. I lost more than 250 cards to an ice related leak last week myself.

It's so weird seeing these cards, when this design was used in every other sport- and the name is on the bottom, not the top.

Mark Kaz said...

1995 was a pretty great year of UD cards across all three of the main sports.

Hope your health is on the up and up!

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