Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowstorm Hockey Cards

Snow's coming down at a pretty good pace today.  At noon, I could see my lawn.  Six hours later and I've got about six inches of snow down.  I'm not complaining, it's the first significant snowfall of the year here so far, and at least it came on a weekend.

Having worked twenty five hours plus in the two days leading up to the storm, it was a little difficult to get prepared, and I certainly had no time for blogging or even reading other blogs.  Things came together in the end though and I've got plenty of gas for the snowblower, plenty of food in the house, and even some free time to enjoy the latest batch of hockey cards sent to me by my friend Douglas Corti of Sportscards from the Dollar Store.

A snowstorm feels like the perfect time to look at some hockey cards, and this PWE had nine new ones for my collection.  For starters, the David Pastrnak above and this David Krejci finish off my Bruins team set from the latest Upper Deck release (still need a couple of Young Guns though).

I'm relatively certain that's Miroslav Satan in the background, which almost makes it as though Marc Savard has a small Satan on his shoulder like you'd see in cartoons back in the day.  Just missing the angel on the opposite side.

I'm a fan of the 2013-14 Score set, but I did not have this really nice horizontal Seidenberg yet.  Love the photograph chosen for this one.

A very young Patrice Bergeron brought to you by Upper Deck Victory.

I'm still not sure whether Bruins fans liked or despised this guy.  It's probably somewhere around an even split I guess.  Looks like Michael's NHL days may be finished, as he's an unrestricted free agent and has yet to sign with any team for the ongoing 2015-16 season.

It wasn't all Bruins in the envelope though, as he seems to do almost every time Douglas included some new Whalers for my collection as well.  Three of them to be precise, all from the glorious height of the junk wax era, 1991-92.  This Parkhurst Rob Brown is the French version.

As are this pair of Pro Set cards that close out the package.

Douglas, thanks for the delivery as always.  This one has me on the precipice of 1,500 unique Whalers cards, a mark I should now be achieving any day.

Thanks to this snowstorm I should be able to get the next trade package out of the queue tomorrow.  Until then...


buckstorecards said...

And if you don't surpass the 1500 mark on your own, my next mailing, on its way Tuesday, will put you past that mark.

Jeff Jones said...

Douglas is constantly adding new hockey cards to my collection as well. Didn't realize there was a French version of Pro Set..

Anonymous said...

I've been largely in the dark about hockey releases over the last 20 years or so, and I enjoy seeing some of them popping up here. I didn't know that UD had briefly revived the Collector's Choice brand, and that 2010-11 Donruss card isn't bad looking.

One thing that struck me about the Marc Savard card is the way his hockey stick inadvertently (?) goes into one of the spokes on the Bruins logo.

Maybe it's just my upbringing during the polyester 1970's, but I hate the ornamental laces on some of the current hockey sweaters. If I played on a team that had those, the first thing I'd do is pull that sucker out.

Mark Hoyle said...

Nice looking cards. And the b's won last night

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