Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Buyback Franken-set: Rough Odds

Ten more buybacks to evaluate, let's see how we do...

1981 Topps #56 - Buck Martinez

Starting off with a set that I don't see a ton of in buyback format for whatever reason, 1981 Topps.  I think it might be safe to say at this point that despite a 17-season Major League career Buck is actually better known as a broadcaster.  Either way, a nice enough card to start us off.

John Hale was already in slot 56...

...but Martinez replaces him.

1979 Topps #191 - Mike Norris

Next up, we have starting pitcher Mike Norris, who was pretty spectacular the season after this card was released.  He's got some existing competition when it comes to the franken-set...

...in the form of Al Fitzmorris, who looks almost like he was standing on a country farm when this particular shot was taken.

Going with the '74 based on the fact that I like that set better than '79, and because the background on the Fitzmorris card is just more interesting.

1988 Topps #100 - Jack Clark

Back to the '80s, and a nice round "hero number" of 100 for slugger Jack Clark's '88 Topps card.  While there's nothing wrong with this one by any means, there's already a better Clark card in slot 100 of the binder:

Tough to beat one of my favorite players from childhood on the first set I ever collected.

Luckily for Jack he's already represented in the franken-set on a much nicer buyback.

1977 Topps #471 - Del Unser

We seem to be bouncing back and forth between the '70s and the '80s today.  Del Unser was a steady, hustling ball-player who lasted many seasons at the Major League level despite possessing pretty much an average bat.  I'm partial to this one as a fan of franchises of yesteryear.

Partial enough to oust this sweet '58 Lenny Green buyback from the binder, though?

No way!

1989 Topps #192 - Paul Mirabella

Next we have Paul Mirabella, who actually cobbled together an unlikely season of success the year before this card was printed up.  In 60 innings pitched in 1988, Paul struck out 33 batters and posted a slim 1.65 ERA.

Unfortunately his '89 Topps buyback gets pitted up against some serious star power in the form of this 2012 Topps home run leaders buyback.


1984 Topps #117 - Tom Veryzer

I have to be honest and say that despite all the baseball cards I've accumulated in my lifetime, I'm very unfamiliar with Tom Veryzer.  I guess this one scores a few points based on the fact that I don't have many '84 buybacks, although that hypnotic stare from the small inset photo is creeping me out a bit.

Tom gets matched up with this in game action shot of Ron Blomberg from '74 Topps.

Another easy call there.  Sorry Cubs fans.

1987 Topps #244 - Dickie Noles

A boring, late-career card of pitcher Dickie Noles is next.  In what seems to be becoming a theme for this post, I've already got a buyback of this number in the binder.  This is another tough draw as well:

Hmm, the 1979 "We Are Family" World Series champion Pirates vs. Dickie Noles...


1989 Topps #645 - Jack Morris

Finally, eight cards in and we get a new card number for the binder.  Jack was basically the most-worked pitcher of the 1980s, as he pitched the most games and the most innings of any pitcher in the decade.  He gave up more hits than any other pitcher in the decade as well, but also acquired more wins than anyone.  Not a bad buyback to have in slot 645 at all!

1987 Topps #116 - Bill Russell

How about a "sunset" buyback of Bill Russell, who wrapped up his MLB career in 1986.  Can the 3x All-Star and 2x World Series champion make the binder?

If so, he'll have to supplant Padres third baseman Tucker Ashford...

...easy enough!

1988 Topps #43 - Dick Schofield

Last buyback for today, shortstop Dick Schofield of the Angels.  He had 56 career home runs, which doesn't seem half bad for a shortstop whose career was over by the mid-'90s, but then you see the .230 career average and cringe a bit.  Random bit of trivia...Dick is actually an uncle to Jayson Werth.

This Gene Michael was selected for slot 43 of the franken-set only recently.

The Gene Michael card is gonna remain in the binder, at least for now.  Better luck next time, Dick.

Well, I can't lie, that was a bit rough.  Out of ten cards just one new number for the project.  On top of that out of nine conflicts only two cards forced their way into the binder.  Oh well, the franken-set is now in (slightly) better shape than it was at the outset of the post.  I'll be back with another ten later in the week...

Franken-set Progress:  426/792 (53%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  232
Total Buybacks in Collection: 658

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Kin said...

I kinda of want to collect John Hale now, just because of the singer John D. Hale.

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