Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Buyback Franken-set: Through the Years

Tonight's buyback franken-set post contains cards from every decade between the 1950s and the 1990s.  Here we go...

1959 Topps #359 - Bill White

In the lead-off spot, the oldest buyback of the post, a '59 Bill White.  An interesting beginning to tonight's round, as White would later serve as President of the National League from 1989 through 1994.  Seems like an obvious win as far as the franken-set goes...

...but it has to displace this Jimmy Jones to win a spot in the binder.

Easy call here, as Jimmy moves over to my 1990 Topps buyback set binder, while the '59 White makes the franken-set.

1979 Topps #203 - J.R. Richard Record Breaker

Here's a cool one, a record breaker card from the 1979 Topps set honoring J.R. Richard's 1978 record for most strikeouts in a season by a National League righty.  Okay, so there are a couple of qualifiers there for sure, but it was an impressive season nonetheless.  Richard had an even better season in '79, with 313 Ks compared to '78's 303. 

Already had a nice 1959 Topps buyback in slot 203.  A tough choice for sure here.

Going with the Richard, one of the best power pitchers in the game before a stroke prematurely ended his career.

1978 Topps #405 - Rawly Eastwick

A pretty bland '78 Rawly Eastwick is next.  Looks like quite a crowd behind him there.  Rawly was traded from the Reds to the Cardinals in 1977, and I detect some airbrushing here.

Butch Wynegar's 1979 release has been holding down slot 405 in the binder for a while now.

Going with the Wynegar here, the airbrush job definitely worked against Eastwick.

1988 Topps #44 - Lou Piniella

Next up, baseball lifer Lou Piniella.  Lou was just embarking on his lengthy managerial career here.  Is that one of his World Series rings from his championships with the Yankees in the '70s that he's sporting there?

If it is, Roberto Pena is not impressed.  This is one of those cards that, while I can't exactly articulate why, I'm just drawn to for some reason.  I have a feeling most folks would go with the Piniella here...

...but it's my project, and I just like that Pena card too much to oust it at this point.  A Piniella from his playing days may have had a chance, but this one didn't make the cut.

1993 Topps #478 - Greg Cadaret

Sticking with the Yankees theme for a minute, here's an interesting horizontal shot of pitcher Greg Cadaret.  I like the photo here, and this set is one that I have fond memories of from my collecting youth.

This '78 Topps buyback of Red Sox color commentator Jerry Remy stands in Cadaret's path to franken-set glory.

Another easy call there.

1989 Topps #311 - Chris Bosio

Could Chris Bosio look any less excited to be included in the 1989 Topps baseball set?  Even a Brewers fan might have a hard time finding much to like about this buyback.

On the other hand, this '65 Orlando Pena, which is currently sitting in slot 311 of the binder, is a thing of beauty.  I'm a huge fan of the yellow and green KC A's uniforms of the '60s.

Took about 2 seconds to make that decision.  Half a dozen cards in, and not one new number for the franken-set so far.  Let's mix it up and finish out the post with a quartet of 2017 Heritage buybacks and see if they fare any better...

1968 Topps #591 - Dick Nen

A high number Cubbie starts us off.  In fact, at #591 this is my highest numbered buyback from the '60s so far.  I don't detest the burlap '68s like a lot of collectors seem to, but this one's hard to get excited about.

This '88 Doug Drabek buyback gets pitted against Dick Nen.

Drabek remains in the binder and Nen is off to the rejected box.  The presence of a baseball cap would've improved his chances.

1968 Topps #122 - Gene Mauch

Now that's more like it!  A manager card, which I'm a fan of generally speaking, and a much better photo to boot (complete with cap!).  The Phillies may have had a sub-par season in '68, finishing 8th in the National League with a sub-.500 record, but this one makes the binder as my first #122 buyback.  Gene Mauch to the rescue, preventing me from getting skunked on new numbers for the project this evening.

1968 Topps #114 - Ron Swoboda

Here's another nice one, featuring outfielder Ron Swoboda.  Ron, who was a member of the Miracle Mets team the year after this card was issued, drove in a career-high 59 runs in 1968.  Does he make the franken-set binder?

Well, there's already a '74 Topps Angels team card in slot 114.  Nolan Ryan and Frank Robinson were on the roster, however the team had a horrific year by any standard, managing just 68 wins.

Going with the Swoboda!

1968 Topps #380 - Ken Holtzman

Here's the last card for tonight, and maybe the best yet of my small lot of 2017 Heritage box-topper buybacks.  It's the only one I have from the All-Star subset anyway.  Holtzman's best years were actually still ahead of him here, including a couple of no-hitters!

A really good match-up here, as HOFer Dave Winfield laid claim to slot 380 a while back.

Once again saved by my 1990 Topps buyback set, as Dave will slide nicely into that binder.  The definition of a win/win for sure.

Just one new number today vs. nine conflicts, but the set still improved with a couple of new contenders battling their way into the binder.  Strengthening my 1990 buyback set with a couple of new cards including a guy enshrined in Cooperstown didn't hurt either.

Franken-set Progress:  522/792 (65%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  406
Total Buybacks in Collection: 928


Rob said...

man - those were some tough battles! Love the Bill White...

Nick said...

That Holtzman is the first vintage All-Star buyback I've seen. My favorite of this bunch is probably the Richard -- and I actually own the exact same buyback version you posted!

Fuji said...

Love the Holtzman. Don't remember him pitching, but he sure helped my beloved Athletics win those three titles back in the day.

Billy Kingsley said...

This series never lets me down. I enjoy each new one in the series.

Anonymous said...

Some nice cards and tough battles... It's unusual for me to say "Aw, that's a shame" about multiple cards in one of these posts.

The Bill White card makes me think of his years in the Yankees broadcast booth partnered with Phil Rizzuto. I really need to get some Bill White cards, and that 1959 rookie card - the only card to picture him with the Giants - would be a cool one to chase after.

forestrydave said...

Wow...this is train that just keep rolling!

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