Monday, April 23, 2018

Six Shiny Cards

My latest batch of a hundred cards from COMC was waiting for me in the mailbox after work.  I'm a little short on time but I plucked six of them to share tonight, since they're all from the same set.

I've written a few times now about my love for the 2014 Topps Finest baseball set.  It's my favorite Finest release since the first few in the mid-'90s, and one of the most colorful, vibrant sets to hit shelves in the time since I returned to collecting in 2007.

All of the different refractors in the set are extremely bright and loud, but my favorites might be these X-Fractors.

I mean, if you're a fan of shiny cards, how can you not like these?

Yup, just awesome.

Most of these were had for between 30 and 50 cents.  At that price I can just barely delude myself into thinking I could maybe complete this 100-card set in X-Fractor format someday.

This Tanaka RC however, easily the star of this evening's post, set me back a couple of bucks and change.  Still not a bad deal, probably my best Tanaka card now.

I need another collecting project like I need a hole in the head, yet I still find myself drawn to these when browsing around COMC.  Imagine how great this set would look in pages!  There are a couple of notable rookies on the checklist, plus your Jeters, Kershaws and Trouts of the world that always demand a pretty penny, so for now I'll just keep accumulating...


EP said...

I love that set.

Nick said...

Great cards! All my COMC orders thus far have come with at least a sampling of shiny -- it's just too hard to resist.

SumoMenkoMan said...

Nice set and I definitely like the Tanaka!

Fuji said...

2014 Finest was one of my worst box breaks in recent memories... but I did love the look of the refractors.

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