Monday, January 7, 2019

Buyback Franken-set: 1,300 Buybacks with Robin Yount!

Just one buyback today, but it's a significant one in celebration of my reaching 1,300 total buybacks since the inception of this project!

1980 Topps #265 - Robin Yount

I think every baseball fan or card collector out there is familiar with the great Robin Yount.  What I love about this particular buyback is that 1980 was the first truly outstanding season of Robin's HOF career. 

Swatting a career-best (to date) .293, he chipped in a league-leading 49 doubles and really exploded power-wise with 23 home runs (previous high was 9) and 87 RBI (previous high was 71).  It was the first season he'd be named an All-Star, the first season he'd win a Gold Glove (clearly it wasn't just the offense!), and the first time he'd receive MVP votes.

I would absolutely love to have Yount represented within the franken-set, so this one must make the cut, right?

Not so fast, smilin' Willie Davis already sits in slot 265 and has a thing or two to say about that!  I like this buyback a lot, I really do.  In fact, it's already bested more than one potential challenger to retain its slot in the binder.

I just don't see how it can overcome the Yount card.  At least Robin is smiling on that one as well, albeit nowhere near as boldly as Davis is here.  I think I can safely say that Willie is the happiest card to be relegated to the rejected box.

This card number is part of a completed page in the binder.  Here's a look at the new layout with Robin in place.  Really hoping to find a better #270 buyback someday to bounce that Dave Stewart in the lower right over to my '90 Topps buyback binder.

That's a wrap for today, didn't get any closer to completing the project but it's not all about new numbers either.  The beauty of the franken-set is the ability to constantly strengthen it, and that's exactly what happened here.  Thanks for reading, you know I'll be back with another batch of buybacks soon!

Franken-set Progress: 639/792 (80%)
1990 Topps Buyback Set: 106/792 (13%)
"Rejected" Buybacks: 555
Total Buybacks in Collection: 1,300


gregory said...

Such an enjoyable project to follow as a reader. Congratulations on another milestone!

Al Kawamoto said...

wow--tough call

Brett Alan said...

Great pickup. Second time in a row that a Hall of Famer ran into stiff competition! Shows how far this project has come.

Fuji said...

Seeing that completed page with Stewart on it made me smile! This is a fantastic project.

Nick said...

Davis is great, but Yount is definitely better. Congrats on 1,300!

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