Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 Top 20 Under $25 - #19 - 1961 Topps Red Sox

Continuing my countdown of 2011's neglected items, here's #19...

What is it? A 1961 Topps Boston Red Sox team card.
When and where did I get it? In mid-February on eBay.
How much did it cost me? $8 (plus $3 shipping).

In retrospect, I should have slated this card in at #20 and placed the Bob Feller auto ahead of it in the countdown. Don't get me wrong, I love vintage team cards/team checklists. On top of that, I'm a total sucker for the old school "Red Sock" logo. The thing is, after the biggest late-season collapse in the history of baseball, the manager and GM leaving town, and all the complete BS that has come out in the weeks since the season ended I just haven't been in the mood to collect or discuss anything related to the Boston Red Sox. I mean how can you root for a team of guys that don't even seem to care about rooting for themselves?

I know that as winter progresses I'll warm up to baseball again. When the trees and grass start turning green after another cold New England winter I'll probably be as excited for Opening Day as I have been every season since I was a kid. For now though, I'm just all set. In fact, I don't really have anything else to say about this card...

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