Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Randomness...

It's a cold, rainy Saturday morning here, perfect day to catch up on the backlog of cards stacked up on my desk.

Here's my third '72-73 O-Pee-Chee WHA card. Jean Payette was near the end of his career here. He'd play 112 games with Quebec in the WHA (his only career WHA or NHL games), move on to a couple of other leagues and retire in 1975. The card's in great shape, probably the best of the three I've accumulated so far. How about that sweater!

The card back tells us that an auto accident had an impact on his career, something I didn't come across online.

Switching over to baseball, here's a card that was a favorite of mine back in the '90s. I had one of these that I pulled from a pack as a 9 or 10 year old and it was one of my most prized childhood cards. I'm not sure where that card is, but I picked up a replacement on COMC for $1.00. The Frank Thomas from this set was highly sought after at the time, I wouldn't mind picking one up.

Next we have a couple of '90s Pavel Bure inserts I grabbed months ago at the hobby shop. This one's a 1994-95 Leaf Limited Gold card, and it looks much better in person than it does here. The early '90s Canucks uniform works well with a gold reflective card.

As you can see, this one's "limited" to just 2,500 copies. Interesting card, and it was cheap enough. I like the next one a bit more though:

Also from 1994-95, this is an Elite Series insert from the Donruss set. This is a really nice looking shiny insert, with scalloped edges almost like a vintage Deckle Edge card.

I would definitely like to complete this 10-card insert set, or at least pick up the Fedorov.

Here are 4 1974 O-Pee-Chee Red Sox cards from 1967ers' recent trade package. Don Newhauser appeared in 3 2/3 innings over two games in 1974. His 9.82 ERA in those appearances was a good indicator that he'd never pitch in the Majors again.

Miller was a long time Red Sox player. He started and finished his career in Boston. Sandwiched in between was a 3-year stint with the Angels.

Danny finished second to Yaz for the AL batting title in the pitching-dominated 1968 season. Yaz hit .301, Cater .290.

I also found one '78 O-Pee-Chee that I neglected to show with the rest of them earlier this month, this 1977 Home Run Leaders card. Great shot of Hall-of-Famer Jim Rice on this one. I've got more cards from 1967ers still to come.

Finally, here are a couple of inserts I stumbled across recently that I had completely forgotten about. These were about the only good thing to come out of 1991-92 Score. I've still got the original two that I pulled from packs over 20 years ago, Wayne Gretzky...

...and Jaromir Jagr. The highlight of Jagr's card is most definitely the back though. He sported one of the most fierce mullets of his time, and Score really captures it in all its glory:

I'll be back with something a little less random soon.

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I have those exactly same two Score Hot Cards. Like you, they were the only two I pulled..

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