Saturday, March 10, 2012

1993-94 Stadium Club Finest Hockey

I think most everyone who was collecting cards in 1993 went completely crazy for Topps Finest baseball. The shiny cards were one of the first "premium" sets that I can remember, and the one-per-box refractor cards had the hobby in a buzz. To this day, a wax box of 1993 Topps Finest baseball will cost you north of $250, if you can find one at all.

Well, since Topps still had an NHL license at this time, it only made sense that they would cross the Finest brand over into their hockey card business. While they didn't release a standalone Finest set that first year, the company did produce a couple of insert sets for 1993-94. My favorites are the 1993-94 Topps Stadium Club Finest inserts. These were a pretty tough pull back in the day, seeded at 1:24 packs of 1993-94 Stadium Club Series 2 hockey. If you do the math, it would take almost 300 packs and perfect collation just to complete the 12-card set. Certainly not an attainable goal for my 11-year-old self. In fact, I don't think I ever had a single one of these.

Recently I snatched up a complete set on eBay though for just $9.99. Here are all 12 front and backs for your viewing pleasure...

#1 - Wayne Gretzky

Not surprisingly, this was the most coveted of these inserts way back when. In fact, this Gretzky still books at $15 in Beckett today. I tried to do my best to play with settings on my scanner, but no matter what I try these cards just plain look better in person. As you know if you've held one in hand, they are much more vibrant and shiny than they come across in these scans.

The backs are nothing spectacular, I would call them decent I guess. These are all about the shiny fronts though...

#2 - Jeff Brown

#3 - Brett Hull

A worthy inclusion for sure, Brett was coming off of his 4th consecutive 50-goal, 100-point season...

#4 - Paul Coffey

Paul is the only card I already had when I bought this set. I picked it up last summer. If anyone wants my extra copy let me know.

#5 - Felix Potvin

#6 - Mike Gartner

#7 - Luc Robitaille

#8 - Marty McSorley

Did you forget that McSorley played a single season with the Pens in the '90s? I sure did.

#9 - Gary Roberts

#10 - Mario Lemieux

I guess Mario was okay in '92-93. League-leading 160 points and +55.

#11 - Patrick Roy

#12 - Ray Bourque

So there you have it, the 1993-94 Stadium Club Finest inserts. These are some of the best looking '90s hockey inserts in my opinion. If you can find a set for less than a buck per card I'd definitely recommend picking one up!

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JGBlargh said...

Jeff Brown? There's a guy who doesn't get any love from the hobby. The inclusion of McSorley is pretty strange as well.
One of the collecting goals is to acquire more shiny cards. I'll have to keep an eye out for these

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