Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet Satisfaction - My 1985-86 Topps Pelle Lindbergh

Earlier this month Wax Stain Rookie had a post about an Al MacInnis rookie that, while not exactly super valuable, was hard for him to come by for whatever reason. I commented on the post at the time that I was having some similar trouble tracking down a 1985-86 Topps Pelle Lindbergh rookie. I've been just a few cards away from completing the '85-86 Topps set for what feels like forever now, and for months and months I just couldn't find one of these for sale (including eBay) in a condition that I was satisfied with.

As luck would have it, just a few days after leaving that comment I got a hit on my saved eBay search and learned that a seller had just listed 3 of them in mint condition. I picked the one I liked best, placed my bid, and about a week later this was waiting for me in the mailbox:

I was willing to bid up to $9 on this card, which might have been overpaying a bit, but given how long I had searched for it I didn't mind. Luckily I won with the minimum bid of $1.99 (plus $1.95 shipping). This was the most satisfaction I've gotten out of this hobby for less than $5 in quite some time. I think the low selling price was helped by the fact that the seller listed 3 at the same exact time. Supply and demand, eBay 101.

This was a good lesson in patience I guess. Pelle is now safe at home between Dale Hawerchuk and Dennis Maruk in my '85-86 Topps binder. Now I'm down to just two cards left, #8 Rod Langway and #120 Wayne Gretzky.

If you're interested, I've ripped a couple more of the junk wax packs I picked up this past weekend, 1991 Fleer Football and 1991-92 O-Pee-Chee hockey.

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Pro Set Cards said...

I love that card.....

Glad to see you nailed it down, good luck on the last two for that set. I will keep my eyes open in my end of the world for you!

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