Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dufex Rocket - Team Set Complete

A short while back I posted this Andre Dawson '93 Pinnacle Cooperstown Dufex parallel, which I picked up on the cheap after reading about the cards on The Chronicles of Fuji:

I really got this one for a steal given how rarely these crop up, and I knew I wanted to track down a Roger Clemens to go with it to knock off the Red Sox team set.  As luck would have it, one was listed within a few days of my winning the above Hawk card:

Clemens cards have definitely dipped a bit in value since he "misremembered" a few years ago, but I still seem to face a considerable amount of competition when pursuing them for my Red Sox collection.  I was pleasantly surprised when I was the lone bidder for this card, taking it home for less than $10 plus a bit for shipping.

I love the look of these cards and I'm happy I was able to nail down a 2-card team set within just a few weeks, and for less than the cost of a blaster even with shipping included.  These are right up there in terms of the more interesting early to mid-'90s cards in my Red Sox collection.

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