Thursday, September 12, 2013

That's Why I Don't Buy Blasters - Volume I - Stand Up Banks

One area where I've really reigned my collection in over the past few years is busting wax.  I feel the allure of the Target card aisle drawing me near anytime I'm there, just like most other collectors.  For me, given my collecting tastes, the value is just not there though.  In fact, looking over my card budget document (yes, I have a card budget document, do you know how much you spend on your hobby?) I haven't purchased even a single pack of cards since a couple of blasters of 2013 Topps Series 1 more than 6 months ago.

I do occassionally miss the excitement of ripping through one of these, but too often feel buyer's remorse afterwards.  I've done a few posts in the past where I make a "virtual blaster" on COMC or a similar site to show how much more efficiently I can use my funds when I hand select my items.  Well, I've decided to turn that concept into a more official series of posts here titled "That's Why I Don't Buy Blasters".  Each of these posts will feature a card (or a lot of cards) that I scored with the same money that I would have spent on a retail blaster, $19.99 plus sales tax.

This first installment is a simple one, just a single card, but boy is it a nice, colorful one:

Pretty sweet, huh?  I'm sure most of you already know this, but this card is from the 1964 Topps Stand Ups set.  This is the first I've ever picked up, but I've wanted one for a good long time now.  I'm really happy with this copy, I'd consider it a really strong EX-MT or maybe even NR-MT with really good color and visual appeal.  I was surprised to see it listed for as little as it was, especially from one of my all-time favorite eBay sellers, so I just had to pounce on it.

I've never really blogged much about it, but for whatever reason I've sort of casually collected vintage Ernie Banks cards for a few years now.  Maybe someday I'll show off some of my others, but this one instantly becomes one of my favorites.  Vintage cardboard beauty.

'64 Topps Banks Stand Up - $20
Shipping - FREE!
Total - $20

Given that I didn't pay shipping or sales tax, this one came in at less than a blaster (with tax) would have set me back...and that's why I don't buy blasters!


Hackenbush said...

Great steal on the Banks!

CaptKirk42 said...

Wow Yes a very nice steal on the Banks.

From Ebay I recently made a nice steal on a 1957 Topps Willie Mays (that has some paper loss on the front in two places) I got it and 8 other 1957 Topps cards for a little under $40. The other cards range in BV from about a buck to maybe $4 so getting 9 cards for about $5/card with one of them having a $50+ BV (often starting at over $100 almost any condition) is a great deal.

Pro Set Cards said...

Amen! I can't believe how far 25 dollars goes on the secondary market and I hate base cards when I have no intention of finishing off the set.

Beautiful Banks, a very worthwhile purchase.

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