Wednesday, April 22, 2015

8-Spot from Mark Kaz!

Mark Kaz has to be one of the quickest mailers in the hobby.  Every time I send him a PWE and get comfortable thinking I temporarily have a leg up in our back and forth mailings, he fires right back!

At least this time I'm getting around to posting the cards a little quicker, as this latest PWE arrived in my mailbox late last week.  As usual, there were a wide variety of Red Sox to be found, including this 1983 Fleer Mike Torrez.  '83 Fleer is a set I've never really had many cards from for whatever reason.

Another new Koji card, this is the first one I've seen that uses this bizarre pointing image.

What a great Carlton Fisk from the 2003 Fleer Fall Classic set.  This will complement the Yaz he sent me from this set a month or so ago.

Here's a really slick card, from 2003 Fleer Avant.  This one's so thick that Mark could only fit 8 cards in the PWE as a result!  It's tough to tell from the scan, but the border is like a raised frame around the inset image.  Really has a high end feel to it, especially for 2003.

Mark knows I'm a huge fan of parallels, and the early Topps Gold cards are what started it all for me.  An awesome Ellis Burks, I think I'm going to have to get my want lists organized for those first few years of Topps Gold.

A couple of more modern parallels were in the envelope as well.  I will never get tired of accumulating these, in any color or style.

The Red Hot Foil parallels from 2014 are some of the nicest out there for a Red Sox collector like myself.  While Jackie Bradley Jr. has yet to appear with the big league club so far in 2015, I'm happy to have this Future Stars card.  Bradley's an amazing defensive player, but really struggled at the plate last year.

Finally, a brand new insert of the guy who's primarily responsible for displacing Bradley in the Red Sox outfield, everyone's favorite young player Mookie Betts.  Mookie has really shined in a couple of games this season, but when you look at his offensive numbers he's struggling overall.  As of this morning he's batting an even .200.  The season is young, so we'll see what happens.

Mark, thanks as always for the cards!  This package puts me on the cusp (about 50 cards away now) of 4,000 unique Boston Red Sox cards in my collection.  Not too bad given that I only crossed the 3,000 threshold late last year.


Mark Kaz said...

Sorry to short change ya. I probably could have squeezed another card in there, but I didn't wanna push the envelope (pun intended) and ruin them.

Mark Hoyle said...

1000 new sox cards in 6 months. Pretty dam good.

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