Monday, November 16, 2015

A Box of Update - Part 1

I had some store credit lingering on my balance at my local hobby shop, and when I was there last Friday afternoon I decided to use it on a hobby box of 2015 Topps Update.

For whatever reason I'm really, really enjoying the Update Series from Topps this year.  Since I'm going to collect the entire set, and am only about 25% of the way there, it made sense to pick this up.  I've seen a lot of interesting cards come out of others' boxes, and after credit this one set me back just a few dollars, so it was an easy decision.

There are 36 packs in the box, which is a lot to digest all at once, so I'm going to break it out into three posts of 12 packs each.  Since you've probably seen most of the base cards countless times already I'm only going to briefly touch on the highlights of each pack.  Alright, let's tear in!

Highlights from Pack 1

Honestly, the opening pack was a bit of a dud.  I pulled nine base cards (two of which were doubles) and this Ripken insert, which will probably be on its way to Joe Shlabotnik in a future PWE.

My favorite base card from the first pack would have to be this Yoenis Cespedes, since it's unlikely he'll sign with New York and I enjoy cards of "short term stops".

Highlights from Pack 2

The second pack was possibly the best pack from this first third of the box.  My first Gold parallel isn't anything too special, and is already in my trade box.

I did pull my first buyback though, which was exciting.  I've said it a few times before, but you can count me among the select few that actually enjoy these things.  I mean, if I hadn't pulled this card I would have never gone on Wikipedia and learned that Ron's .029 career batting average is the lowest of anyone with 100+ career plate appearances.  This card is made even cooler by collar, the glasses, and the fact that it's one of the more mint copies of a '60s card I've ever seen.  The chance at pulling a few buybacks was one of the things that drew me to this box, and this one is certainly a nice start.

I'm skipping over most of the base cards, but I did want to highlight this one as I love cards that pay tribute to one specific athletic feat or moment in time.  Great job by Topps on dedicating a slot in the checklist to Chris Heston's 2015 no-hitter.

As if the second pack weren't already good enough, it also provided not one...

...but my first two Red Sox cards of the break!  Pack 2 was a winner, indeed.

Highlights from Pack 3

For the second pack in a row I pulled a Gold parallel (#'d /2015), and for the second pack in a row it's headed to my trade box.

I pulled a photo variation in this pack, and unbelievably it's the one photo variation I already pulled from one of those holiday mega boxes.  At this point I've pulled two copies of the photo variation of this card, but none of the standard version.  Go figure.

Highlights from Pack 4

Sweet!  If I could have chosen any one card to pull a parallel of from my box this one would have been very high on the list, certainly in the top 5.  I am hopeful that Eduardo can be a staple in the Red Sox rotation for many years to come, and I'm excited to see how he performs in his second MLB season next year (his first full season as he didn't debut until a couple months in this year).  A definite keeper, this one even got the penny sleeve and top loader treatment.

My insert was a little less exciting, off to the trade box with Chipper here...

Highlights from Pack 5

There was really only one card of note in the fifth pack, and it was another great Gold parallel, this time featuring Mets rookie Noah Syndergaard.  This one will end up in a PWE to Delaware at some point in time...

Highlights from Pack 6

Pack 6 brought me 8 new base cards towards my set, but the two inserts...

...aren't anything I'm interested in keeping, even though they are both players I like.  The fact that I pulled Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente cards in the same pack, and have no interest in keeping either, just shows you how tired I am of Topps recycling the same retired players for most of their (uninspired) insert sets.

Highlights from Pack 7

This Josh Donaldson Gold parallel will be headed up to Canada in a PWE in the near future.

To me, Josh Gibson is a more interesting subject for an insert card than Jackie Robinson, but at the end of the day these Tape Measure Blasts cards just don't do it for me.  Another one for the trade box.

Highlights from Pack 8

The best thing about pack 8 is that I got 9 new base cards towards my set.  The insert was another one I'm not very interested in, though...

Highlights from Pack 9

This one was a pretty good pack.  Highlights would include this great Brandon Moss photograph, which I don't recall having seen yet... well as this Tulowitzki Gold, which is now trade box fodder.

I really like Hank Aaron.  Truly, I do.  But not even Hammerin' Hank is enough to overcome the snooze-fest that is the Highlight of the Year insert set.  Available for trade.

This pack also contained one of the base cards I was most excited to acquire, the rookie card of "switch pitcher" Pat Venditte!

Highlights from Pack 10

Trade bait.

My third Red Sox card of the break (four if you count the Rodriguez Gold parallel).

Highlights from Pack 11

One of the more interesting photos out of the Gold parallels that I pulled, featuring Stephen Vogt and what I presume is his daughter holding a Stand Up 2 Cancer sign.  This seems like maybe a good random card to send off to Nick at Dime Boxes?

Here's that Sonny Gray card again, this time it's the Rainbow Foil parallel.  I pulled the base, Gold and Rainbox Foil versions of this card all within the first 12 packs here...

Another new Sox card in this pack, or half of one anyway.  I kind of like the combined rookie cards as they are somewhat of a throwback to the earlier days of collecting, but it's gotta be disappointing as a player to finally make the show and then have to share your Topps rookie card with someone else...

Highlights from Pack 12

The final pack of this first third of the box provides yet another Kris Bryant card.  Topps is really beating this guy to death, huh?

Another Gold parallel that I'm not interested in, but with two players depicted I guess there are twice as many team collectors who may be interested in it at least.

The last card I'll show here is another Rainbow Foil parallel, but this one I'll probably be keeping.  I've wanted to keep a single Joey Gallo card in my collection to remind me of his breakout first few games this past summer, and this one will do nicely.  It's a shiny card, and the Gatorade celebration photo is great.  A much better candidate than the Gallo card I plucked out of a quarter box a while back.

Well, that's the first 12 packs for you.  No major scores really, but the Rodriguez Gold and the buyback were nice cards for my collection, I got a sizeable stack of cards towards my set, and plenty of trade bait to go around.  A fun break so far overall, check back later in the week for part two!


Hackenbush said...

That Gallo card is a real work-a-art!

Jimmy said...

Nice. You made me look up Ron Berbel. 6 hits in 206 AB's! At least he was a pitcher. I was in need of your Update Golds Tulo/Adonis/Cody Anderson and Ben Zobrist from your previous post. If interested in a trade, please email me at ttorcato AT aol Dot com. Thanks.

bwvjones said...

I know it has been a while but would love to trade for the Chipper insert and the Garcia/Marte gold card. Drop me a line if interested,

Mark Kaz said...

That is a pretty good box, sir! I woulda done a back-flip to pull a gold Noah card--that's a great pull. As is the Russell variation (again!)

In terms of Update, I gotta say I'm a huge fan of them resurrecting the dual-player rookie cards. The more players they can get into the set the better! As you said, you can only see so many Kris Bryants.

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