Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Box of Update - Part 3

Before I move onto other things, it's about time I wrapped up my lone hobby box of 2015 Topps Update.  It's been an enjoyable box so far, knocking out a great chunk of my set and providing some good trade bait as well.  Let's see the highlights from the final 12 packs...

Highlights from Pack 25

Finally got an Addison Russell rookie that wasn't an image variation.

Future PWE fodder for Joe Shlabotnik...

Trade bait!

Highlights from Pack 26

Since I know my buddy Mark Kaz likes the Gold parallels in particular, this one will be shipped off his way in the coming weeks...

Not much of note aside from the Gold parallel in this pack, but I did get 8 new base cards that I needed, including this perfectly timed shot of Ezequiel Carrera.

Highlights from Pack 27

Mike Kekich's '76 Topps release is my third buyback of the box.  Not terribly exciting, though I do enjoy these on the whole.

Biggio here's already in my trade box...

Highlights from Pack 28

I would say this has to be one of the better Gold parallels you could pull, right?  I'll be hanging onto this one, probably a top five pull from the box overall.  This was a pretty stacked pack, too.  In addition to the Trout it also contained the one Snow Camo parallel I pulled:

These are serial numbered to /99 copies, and while I do like the design, Joey Butler is not really of interest to me.  I'd be up for trading this one for a cool Sox card.

Highlights from Pack 29

Rainbow foil.  Up for trade.

The buybacks really fell heavy in the final third of the box.  This one's a keeper for sure, as I love both '71 Topps and the Montreal Expos.  Certainly could have done a lot worse than this for a buyback.

Yup, I got two more of these damaged cards in this final portion of the box.

Highlights from Pack 30

Yet another buyback.  Splittorff was coming off a 20-win season in 1973, and how about that outfit?

No real interest in keeping this one, trade bait!

Here's the base version of that Trout I pulled the Gold parallel of...

Highlights from Pack 31

Trade bait.

Trade bait.

Highlights from Pack 32

Trade bait.

Oh man!  This is probably the card of the box.  A nice Black parallel of Mets rookie hurler Steven Matz.  What a beauty, and numbered to /64 to boot!  Gonna hang onto this one, at least for a while, as I've wanted a nice rookie of Matz for my collection since he spilled onto the scene this summer.  I didn't expect to pull a Black parallel at all, much less one this interesting.

Pack 32 was a great one, in addition to the Black Matz it also produced probably the most sought after base card in the set.  Nice not to have to track this one down on the secondary market.  I love the photograph selection.

Highlights from Pack 33

Trade bait.

Highlights from Pack 34

I'm just showing a few base cards here and there, but I did very well with this box in terms of chasing the set.  Out of the giant stack of base cards I ended up with, only 15-20 were dupes.  Can't beat that!

Trade bait.

Highlights from Pack 35

A buyback snuck into the penultimate pack, and it's another '71 too.  I wouldn't mind hanging onto this one, but Nick if you read this and would like it let me know, I definitely owe you one from the Red Sox team checklist buyback you shipped me!

This pack also delivered my guaranteed hit.  I'll probably end up mailing this off to The Underdog Card Collector whenever I get another package together for him.

Highlights from Pack 36

Finally, an insert that I plan on keeping!  Since Babe is pictured with the Braves here I'll be hanging onto this one.

How cool is this?  The very last pack I opened yielded what was probably my #1 overall favorite card of the entire break (though that Matz is certainly close).  This is one of the better buyback cards in my collection, and you couldn't ask for much more as a Red Sox fan.  Rico was signing at the show I hit up on Friday, and part of me is regretting not bringing this one up to have it signed.

In any event, this was certainly a fun box.  To me, the trifecta of the Petrocelli buyback, Matz Black parallel, and Eduardo Rodriguez Gold rookie made this an absolute win.  I don't open much new wax compared to a lot of collectors, but I thought this was every bit as enjoyable as my box of 2015 Stadium Club, and that's saying a lot!

I know I owe a couple of you cards that you've claimed in the last two posts.  Let me know if you see anything here and I'll try my best to reach out to everyone this coming week.  Bear with me, I haven't forgotten about you, just a little hectic this time of year.

Alright, that's a wrap, thanks for reading as always!


bwvjones said...

I'm definitely interested in the Eric Young gold card. I'll drop you a line.

Jimmy said...

In addition to the cards from the first two breaks, I could use these three Golds/Foils: US215 Papelbon, US195 Ramos Golds and Rainbow Foil U53 Norris

Nick said...

I'd be willing to take the Pappas if you don't already have a home for it! Printing issues aside, it looks like you got a solid box of Update there. The Bryant "Rookie Debut" is one of my favorite cards of the year.

Jeff Jones said...

Nice pull on that Matz man.

Mark Kaz said...

Great pulls! The Black Matz...verrrrry nice! And pretty awesome that you got the buyback Rico!

Tim B. said...

Great box! I really enjoyed reading about the packs you busted. If no one else is interested, I'm sure that I can find a few cool cards to send your way in return for that Butler. Congrats again!

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