Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One Card Post - Sweet, Sweet Sepia

What:  2014 Topps Chrome Sepia Refractor #25 - Xander Bogaerts RC (#'d /75)
Where:  Sportlots
How Much?:  $7.99 (plus shipping, which was less than a dollar)

:  I'm working on some overdue thank you posts, so while I scan away you get a one card post for tonight.  This is one of the most satisfying $10-or-less pick-ups I've had so far this year.  Xander was a definite bright spot on a largely dismal 2015 Red Sox team, and with just 75 copies of this beautiful Sepia Refractor in existence it seemed like a solid mid-range rookie for the price  A nice addition to my modest Bogaerts collection for sure.

Didn't realize until after the card arrived that it's actually #2 / 75, which is Xander's uniform number.  To me, that's not a huge deal in terms of adding value to the card like it is for some, but I thought it was kind of a cool coincidence nonetheless...


Jeff Jones said...

Love these sepia cards. Kids gonna be good for a while

Brad's Blog said...

Sepia's are the best refractor

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