Friday, February 12, 2016

Draft Folder Backlog

It's been a very busy week for me, with next to no time for scanning and organizing.  Thankfully I had a healthy backlog of scanned cards from last year saved in various draft states that I never got to.  Today seems as good a day as any to clean them all up and consolidate them into a post.

Let's start with one of my guilty pleasures, buybacks.  I grabbed the seven that I'm showing today off of Sportlots many months ago because they were all minor stars from the '70s and each set me back $1.25 or less.

Aside from being a fan of the old-school team photo cards, this one was all about the fact that the legendary Dick Williams was the manager of this Expos team.  Awesome card for sure.

Pete Vuckovich and his epic mustache, courtesy of '79 Topps.

I always think of Nelson Briles from his earlier days with the Cardinals, but couldn't resist this card nonetheless.

Love this pre-game warm-up shot of the great Vada Pinson.

Closing out the buybacks is a super off-center (top to bottom) card from the '72 Topps World Series subset prominently featuring HOFer Brooks Robinson.

If you've been reading my blog over the years, you may recall that I've been very slowly chipping away at these one-per-hobby-box yellow parallels from Champ's hockey.  The Black and Gold of the Bruins' sweaters is a perfect match as far as these go...

You can't often find these for less than at least a couple bucks per, even for the less collectible players, so when I found a handful for around a buck each I jumped at the opportunity.

There are a hundred of these in total, so it's unlikely at best that I'll ever knock out the set.

This handful brings me up to 24, just one more will bring me to a quarter complete...

Pulled this Kevin Youkilis from a pack of 2009 O-Pee-Chee.  I don't need any more sets to chase right now, if anything I'm working on downsizing my collection, but if I was going to pick another one to go after this set would be very high on the list.

I think I can safely say that Wonderful Terrific Monds is the most unique name in my entire autograph collection.  I've seen a few of this guy's cards over the years but didn't know he had a certified auto out there until I stumbled upon this one on eBay (and for little money no less!).

I don't collect football cards at all, but I am a Patriots fan so somehow ended up with a couple of cards via a dime box dig just because.

These are a perfect example of cards I would pass on now that I'm trying to stay more focused, and I'll probably end up sending them out in a trade package at some point.

I scanned this one in for no other reason than I really dig the ballpark background and unique perspective used in the photograph.

Another example of lack of focus, these two Heritage Minor League cards were purchased for the simple reasons that I enjoy minor league cardboard...

...and they were the minimum price of 18 cents on Sportlots.

From that same Sportlots order, this Gold Foil parallel is the 30th Mookie Betts card in my Sox collection!  Really looking forward to watching this guy hopefully progress even further in 2016.

Lastly, another '52 Topps that I picked up for $6 during a pretty epic antique store run last year.  Well, that was fairly scatter-brained and not all that interesting.  Hopefully I'll have time to come up with something more organized and relevant over the long weekend!


Hackenbush said...

A "Wonderful" post!

Mark Kaz said...

The more scattered the better! Those yellow parallel hockey cards are pretty sharp, I must say.

Fuji said...

Had mixed feelings on "buybacks"... but recently I've been picking them up when they're cheap. Love the Expos team card with Williams.

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