Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The King of Vintage...and Buybacks?!?!

Without a doubt my single favorite thing about running this blog is getting to meet (whether in person or virtually) so many other great people who share in my hobby.  I've gotten a couple of trade packages in recent weeks that really blew me away and prove just how generous these collectors can be.

Today I present the first such package, a PWE from the infamous Mark Hoyle.  Mark is well known throughout the card blogs as a bestower of vintage goodness, however did you know that he's apparently got a good buyback connection as well?  I certainly didn't, until I opened this 9-card PWE that contained nothing but Topps Heritage buybacks!

Let's take a look at each of them and see whether they make the cut for my steadily growing buyback franken-set...

#32 - 1966 Adolfo Phillips

Most of the cards, like Adolfo Phillips here, join the set uncontested since it's still in the early going.  I'm happy about this because the Topps Heritage buybacks, with their large 50th Anniversary foil stamps, are probably my favorite of the various buyback flavors that Topps has introduced over the past few years.  They seem to demand more of a premium too, as they come individually wrapped as a one-per-box box topper, vs. the half dozen or more standard buyback cards that you typically pull in a flagship or update hobby box.

#280 - 1966 Bobby Knoop

Known more for his fielding prowess (3x Gold Glove Winner!) than for his bat, Bobby Knoop had what was unquestionably the best year of his career in 1966.  In addition to a Gold Glove that year, he was also named an All-Star for the only time, and set career highs in at bats (590), hits (137), triples (11), home runs (17) and RBI (72).  He even received a handful of MVP votes.  As far as hat-less cards go, this one isn't half bad!

#231 - 1966 Floyd Weaver

I really don't know a thing about Floyd Weaver, but he's in regardless as the only #231 buyback I've acquired so far.  That's three for three at this point!

#174 - 1966 Ron Taylor

Ron Taylor has the distinction of winning a World Series with two different franchises; both the 1964 Cardinals and the 1969 "Miracle" Mets.  Not only that, but he was a solid bullpen arm in the World Series for both teams.  In the '64 Fall Classic he made two appearances totaling 4.2 IP and did not give up a single hit.  In '69 he also appeared twice out of the pen, and in 2.1 IP again did not yield a hit.  Sounds like someone you'd be happy to hand the ball to in a clutch situation.

Unfortunately for Ron though, he's got some competition for slot 174 in the franken-set...

Oddly enough his competition, Nelson Briles, also won a World Series title with two different franchises (the '67 Cardinals and the '71 Pirates).  True, this is a late-career card and doesn't feature him with either of those two teams, but Ron Taylor's card doesn't depict him with either of the teams he won with either.  So...

...sorry Ron!  I do have to say that I don't feel entirely great about the decision here.  If I'm ever fortunate enough to acquire a Briles buyback from his time in St. Louis or Pittsburgh then I'll seriously consider giving Ron another shot at the franken-set, but in the meantime he's out.

#214 - 1967 Tom Kelley

With those four '66 Topps buybacks out of the way, we move on to some '67s, which were included in this year's Topps Heritage set.  I was especially psyched to see these in the envelope, since 1967 Topps is one of my favorite vintage sets.  Tom Kelley here pitched just a single inning in 1967, and shoulder surgery had him recovering in the minor leagues until he resurfaced in Major League baseball in 1971.  Tom and his waterproof blue sleeves are in!

#213 - 1967 Jay Johnstone

Jay Johnstone's rookie card immediately proceeds Tom Kelley in the '67 Topps set with card 213.  While it's not as notable as his '84 Fleer issue (yes he stuck around that long) which shows him in a Budweiser umbrella hat, it's a solid card nonetheless.  Jay's got some competition for the franken-set as well however, as I only recently chose a different card #213:

I'm not particularly attached to this Dave Rader for any reason.  I like the 1967 Topps set a bit more than the 1974 release, and in a close match-up I'll almost always choose a Heritage buyback over a flagship one, so...

...see ya later Dave Rader!

#8 - 1967 Chuck Harrison

Another player I'm not all that familiar with, Chuck Harrison is nonetheless wearing a hat and is also fortunate enough to have no competition at this point for card #8 in the franken-set.  Welcome to the fold, Chuck!

#269 - 1967 Don Nottebart

Next up we've got hurler Don Nottebart, who is remembered most for pitching the first no-hitter in Colt 45s/Astros franchise history in back in 1963.  The Reds snagged him a couple of years later in the Rule 5 draft, but as far as I can tell he never reclaimed the magic of that day in '63.  Great card though, with some fantastic outfield advertising, a solid addition to my set at #269!

#248 - Gene Mauch

The final card here is easily my favorite from this grouping as I'm a huge fan of vintage manager cards.  Though he did play MLB ball as well, Mauch is more well-known as a manager.  He began his managerial career with the Phillies at just 34 years old in 1960, was the first ever manager of the Expos, and later went on to manage the Twins and Angels as well.

The best part about this card though?

It allows me to bump this ugly '69 Bob Priddy from the set!

So long to you and your blacked out cap, Bob!

Mark, this was such a thoughtful PWE.  I really appreciate the solid additions to my buyback franken-set.  Lately I've been getting more enjoyment out of buybacks than almost anything else, so going through these was an absolute blast.  I'll see what I can find laying around to repay your kindness!

Franken-set Progress:  78/792 (10%)


hockey kazi said...

I think you should count Dr.Ron Taylor's two World Series rings with the 92 and 93 Blue Jays--

shoeboxlegends said...

Too funny, I considered mentioning that and his medical career in the game is probably the biggest reason I regret not choosing Taylor over Briles. I'm actively on the hunt for a Briles from his time with either St. Louis or Pittsburgh so I can right this wrong! Thanks for the comment!

Mark Hoyle said...

Glad they made the cut. I had picked up a lot of various buybacks in what was a bigger Redsox buyback lot. Between my Redsox buybacks and my 67 Redsox buybacks where anybody who played on the team regardless of which team the card represents. I'm pushing about 350 now. No Frankenset in sight though.

Mike Matson said...

That Ron Taylor just reminds me that I have even more Canadians to find.. lol

Fuji said...

Oh man... that Jay Johnstone rookie card buyback is awesome!

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