Thursday, December 7, 2017

Buyback Franken-set - The Great Rick Wise

Well, it's been over five weeks since I added anything to my buyback franken-set.  It's not a sign that I'm less passionate about the project, it's just that the way I've been doing it is time-consuming and lately that's time I just don't have.  Scanning in ten buybacks, sorting them all into the binder and deciding who wins out, cropping, adding 20-30 scans to a post and typing everything up is not a quick process.

In the short term here you'll probably see a few smaller posts like tonight's single-card endeavor.  This is actually the newest buyback in my collection, having arrived in my mailbox just today...

1968 Topps #262 - Rick Wise

I've developed a minor obsession over the years with Rick Wise for a couple of reasons.  First of all, he was the winning pitcher of record in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series for the Red Sox, considered by many to be the most exciting post-season game ever played.  Secondly, and even more importantly in my mind, he was the author of one of the best individual games pitched in Major League history.  In June of 1971 he famously no-hit the Cincinnati Reds...and clubbed two home runs!

Wise has been a fun guy to collect because he doesn't have a ton of cardboard out there, and what he does have doesn't really command high prices either.  When an eBay seller recently listed this box-topper buyback from this past year's Heritage set for less than $2 with free shipping it was just irresistible to me.  I knew that even if it didn't make the franken-set it would be a card I'd be happy to own for my little Rick Wise PC.

Well, about that franken-set, does Rick here make the cut?

I've already got a #262 in the binder, but it's nothing all that exciting to me.  I knew when I picked up the Wise that it would take a special buyback to prevent it from a spot in the binder...

...and this Ed Kirkpatrick is not that special buyback (no offense Ed!).

So yeah, that's all for tonight.  Doesn't get me any closer to franken-set completion since it's a number I already had, but it certainly makes the set a bit more interesting overall.  I'll take that any day for a dollar and some change...

Franken-set Progress:  510/792 (63%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  368
Total Buybacks in Collection: 878

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