Sunday, December 10, 2017

Trading Anything

Recently I participated in Thorzul's 2017 "Trade My Anything" series.  He's been running this about a decade now and the concept is simple, he busts a box of Topps Update and you can claim any of his unwanted cards.  In return you simply send a SASE and...well...anything.

I claimed only two cards, both variations on base cards...

One for my Red Sox collection here, with Roger Clemens.  Maybe not my most fascinating card of The Rocket, but I needed to claim something to give me a reason to participate.

I'm not sure how they settled on that seemingly random 5-year run of statistics, but there you go.

Since I'm a sucker for variation cards in general, I also laid claim to this variation of Mike Trout's Series 1 card.  Hard to pass down a unique card of arguably the game's greatest player.  The Angels certainly helped get him some protection in the lineup this off-season as well!

Well, that was my haul.  Small and tidy, which is the beauty of it.  I look at this yearly promotion as a great opportunity to de-clutter.  In exchange for these two cards I sent Thorzul a bunch of cardboard, along with some movies, books, CDs and a bunch of other stuff that he seemed to appreciate.

I'd call that a win/win, and I certainly plan to participate again next year!

1 comment:

Bulldog said...

Both great cards. I don't see a ton of the Clemons cards in new sets and Mike Trout is a no brainer. I'll take anything of him on cardboard. Great post.

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