Sunday, November 4, 2018

Buyback Franken-set: 6 from '69

I'm not feeling verbose today, after experiencing a very tough loss recently in my personal life.  It's difficult to care much about baseball cards at the moment, but since it's been a few days since I posted any kind of an update here on the blog I figure I can crank through half a dozen buybacks easily enough.

1969 Topps #429 - Willie Horton All-Star

These all come from the 2018 Topps Heritage buyback box-topper program.  Willie Horton here is the lone All-Star subset card in the grouping.  This one has to make the cut for the franken-set, right?

Ooh, tough draw with a fantastic manager card here.  One of the best managers in the history of the game no less, and one that just helped the Red Sox win a World Series as a Vice President to President of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski.

Had to stick with LaRussa.

1969 Topps #125 - Ray Sadecki

Lefty Ray Sadecki had really dropped off in production between his 20-win season for the 1964 World Series champion Cardinals and the time this card was printed up.  His ERA ballooned from sub-3.00 to well over 4.00 in 1969, and he saw an increasing amount of bullpen work.

Certainly not a season worthy of displacing this '78 George Scott buyback in slot 125.

Not a chance.

1969 Topps #36 - Luke Walker

Luke Walker had an average season for the Bucs in 1969.  He really exploded in 1970, enough so to earn both Cy Young and MVP votes.  1969 though was just average...

Can average knock this '75 Joe Lovitto from the binder?

It cannot.

1969 Topps #555 - Jim Hart

Next up, outfielder Jim Hart of the Giants.  Jim could really slug the ball, but unfortunately he was a total liability on the defensive side of the ball.  Because of that he never really achieved his true potential in Major League Baseball, despite a few notable seasons.

I've got a '73 Bill Hands in slot 555.  Which is better?

I like the Jim Hart.

1969 Topps #267 - Vicente Romo

The Tribe actually traded Vicente Romo to the Red Sox in April of 1969.  The Red Sox certainly handed him the ball a lot, as he made 52 appearances with Boston before the season was over.

Unfortunately for Romo, he draws Herman Franks and some of the best shades in the entire franken-set as his opponent for card #267.

Don't see how I could have gone the other way with this one.

1969 Topps #127 - Kevin Collins

Unfortunately for Kevin Collins, he was dealt to the Expos in June of 1969, and thus was not on the roster for the miraculous post-season run the Mets enjoyed that year.  Then again, that was the trade that brought Donn Clendenon to New York.  So I guess it's doubtful the Mets would have won it all had they not executed that trade in June, given how clutch Clendenon was in the World Series that year.

Had this dual-player Angels RC from 1964 Topps in slot 127.

I love the look of that Kevin Collins card over the '64, so I'm going with it.

Well, that got my mind off things for a bit, but if I'm being honest my heart's just not in it at the moment.  I'm sure I'll be back soon though.  Thanks for stopping by as always.

Franken-set Progress: 632/792 (79%)
1990 Topps Buyback Set: 101/792 (12%)
"Rejected" Buybacks: 520
Total Buybacks in Collection: 1,253


Rob said...

Sorry for your loss. That's tough.

Angus said...

Best wishes.

Fuji said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Glad cards were able to take your mind off of things for a brief period.

Matt said...

Condolences on your loss

Nick said...

Sorry for your loss, Shane. Cards can be a good (if small and temporary) medicine in times like these.

The Shlabotnik Report said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. I'm keeping you in my thoughts, and hoping that memories of better times will help you through this.

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