Monday, March 2, 2020

COMC Delivery!

This past weekend I received my latest shipment of cards from COMC.  There were 200 total cards on the nose to be found within this box, every card I've purchased on the site in the past few months since I last shipped during the Black Friday sale.  Over-sized, mini, modern, vintage, shiny, serial-numbered, buybacks; as usual I've accumulated a somewhat random selection of cardboard while perusing the site these past few months.

Just over 60 of the new cards are buybacks, so they'll be featured down the line in Buyback Franken-set posts.  Many of the others I'll stash away for now and show off later in "COMC Blaster" and other posts, but I decided this time to pluck a sampling of my new goods for the blog immediately.

I sort of just grabbed at random from the box until I ran out of time for scanning.  Here we go...

Xander Bogaerts remains my favorite player in the game, as he has been since his debut in 2013.  With the Mookie Betts trade in the off-season, and given that Bogaerts is locked up for at least another few years, I'd make a case that he's sort of a "face of the franchise" type player right now.

This 2019 Topps Chrome card is a refractor, for what it's worth...

My second favorite player on the current club is Rafael Devers.  He put together an amazing season in 2019, and given his young age I'm really excited to be able to see how he blossoms over the next few years.  Aside from Bogaerts, he's the only guy on the Red Sox that I search for by name on COMC these days.  His base card from last year's High Tek set was available for cheap coin, and since I'm a sucker for acetate, here it is.

Still plugging away at holes in my '50s and '60s Red Sox team sets.  This '65 Gary Geiger is a semi-high number, a nice one to cross off the list for sure.  Pretty sure this exact photo was used on other cards of Geiger's...

Since it features a cartoon, here's the back!

Seems like this particular order was mostly baseball, but a few other sports snuck in.  Pumped to add another '92-93 Ultra buyback to my collection.  This makes 23 in total in my collection now, between the standard versions like this one and their autographed counterparts.

McCrimmon tragically passed away in the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash in 2011.

Another card where I have to show the back.

Bogaerts strikes again, one of those Tarot of the Diamond inserts from Gypsy Queen, numbered to /250.  Xander definitely had the most cards in this box of any player.

Still working on my quest to complete the 2014 Topps Finest set in X-Fractor format!

When I left off last I was at the halfway point, with 50 in hand and 50 still to track down.

I pulled and scanned four more for this post.

Just 46 left to go.  I can't wait to see all this shiny greatness in a binder.

My first taste of 2019 Topps Total.  I wasn't going to pay Topps directly for these as an online exclusive.  Nevertheless, I did grab a few for pocket change off of COMC and they're nice enough cards.  Still, would have been better on classic cardboard stock, and available at retail locations.  Maybe this year?

Just some totally random vintage here.  I love the '64 Topps design, and this well-centered Roy McMillan was a card I didn't have that was available for a steal.  Simple as that.

My very first 2019 Allen & Ginter card of any sort is this Nomar Garciaparra.  This is allegedly a short print, but was had for something like 35 cents on COMC.  I'm not going to try to figure that one out, but it's a nice enough card anyway.

I also grabbed this Bogaerts mini from last year's Ginter set.  In fact, I figured since I was going to grab one I might as well pick up a few...

...and snagged his 2018 Allen & Ginter mini as well.

Seeing double?  Nope, this one is the "A&G Back" variation.  I didn't bother scanning the backs, so you'll just have to trust me.

Closing out the small run of mini A&G Bogaerts cards, here's his 2017 issue, also an "A&G Back"!  I have to say, after finding 15-pocket sheets for minis like these years back I really enjoy these a lot more now.  I've got all my Red Sox minis paged up in just totally random order in a binder and it's a ton of fun to flip through those sheets.

Let's go back to vintage to close it out.  When I picked one set from each year of the 1950s to focus on this year, Bowman lost out to Topps when it came to 1955.  Still, I couldn't leave this Frank Sullivan behind at a really great price and in this condition.  $1.05?  Really?  Criminal.

Last card for today, and from a set that did make my formal list to work on in 2020; 1954 Bowman!  Great visual appeal on this Duane Pillette, and for the second card in a row a fantastic background as well.

So, there's a peek at just some of the goods from my most recent COMC delivery.  Hope you saw a card or two you found interesting, thanks for stopping by!


GCA said...

35¢ for an A&G short print is about right, since they're not extremely short printed. Hopefully the Heritage ones will be the same price this year...

Shlabotnik Report said...

Random comments...
The cartoon on the back of the 1965 Geiger reminds me of Terrence and Phillip from "South Park"

It's been 9 years since the Lokomotiv crash? Doesn't seem that long.

I need to make more of an effort to look for Bowman on COMC... Nice cards!

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

Looks like a nice haul.

Nick said...

I have a recent COMC order I need to post as well! I'm still a bit shocked how cheap recent SPs go for these days. I got a handful of Heritage SPs from the last few years for under 40 cents a piece. Makes me wonder if they're even that short-printed at all.

Base Card Hero said...

"Over-sized, mini, modern, vintage, shiny, serial-numbered, buybacks"

This is exactly what my comc orders consist of too. A bunch of Hodge-podge cards.

Fuji said...

Totally forgot about that plane crash that killed McCrimmon. I just sent a vendor on COMC an offer that will completely drain my account (with the exception of the $4.99 for shipping). If he/she accepts it... it will probably be the last shipment I request unless I find some insane bargains on there at some point.

Chris said...

That '55 Bowman Frank Sullivan is sharp! I'm trying to be disciplined and save my COMC cash for the Spring sale. It's not easy when I see the deals that you've snagged!

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