Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Pair of Graded Pick-ups

Today was just brutal on the work front.  I'm more grateful than ever to be collecting a paycheck, but I sure do wish it was a little less like drinking from a fire hose sometimes. 

In any event, I'm on a pretty good streak of frequent posting, so rather than let the day go to waste on the blog front here are a couple of graded pick-ups from last year that I've been waiting to find the right reason to post about...

First up, a nice HOFer from the 1957 Topps set with Nellie Fox.  What a sharp card this is.  When I identified a set from each year 1950-1959 to work on this year, Topps unsurprisingly was the choice for 1957 (not much competition after Bowman was done).  This is a decent notch in my belt on that front.

I should probably be more excited by this card than I am, but really it just came down to adding a HOFer from the release to my collection in stellar condition for less than $20 (and that included shipping!).

The other card I'll feature tonight is much more exciting to me personally, even though the average collector would probably take the Nellie Fox over Boris Martin here.  The reason I'm so jazzed up about this one is that it gets me another step closer to knocking off one of the most challenging team sets I've attempted so far; a 1949 Bowman Red Sox team set.

There are 15 Red Sox cards on the checklist, and with this one in hand I've now tracked down a dozen of them.  I've still got some challenges ahead given that one of the missing cards is the great Bobby Doerr, and another is a dreaded high-number which are super tough in this particular release.  I'll get there someday though, even if I have to over-pay for that high number card.

So, there you have it, a pair of graded singles on a random Wednesday night.  I'm off to get some time away from the screen, but will be back soon with something a little more organized and thought out...have a great night everyone!

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Fuji said...

Whoa Nellie! Under $20 shipped is a great deal.

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