Sunday, April 5, 2020

Signature Sundays - Bert Blyleven!

Today's Signature Sundays post continues my year-long tribute to the first baseball card set I ever opened a pack of, or hand-collated; 1990 Topps.  As the set turns 30 years old, I finally added my first Hall of Fame autograph from the release to my collection, courtesy of Bert Blyleven!

Now that is a sharp-looking autographed card if I do say so myself.  I know this set isn't for everyone, and I freely admit that my own fascination with it is rooted heavily in personal nostalgia.  Nonetheless, while there are some duds on the checklist, there are some cards that actually look pretty great.  Bert Blyleven's is one of those cards.

Not only that, but what a signature this guy has!  A large, bold autograph, and penmanship that would make any grade school teacher beam with pride.  Yep, at this stage I'd have to say this is definitely my favorite autographed card from 1990 Topps.  I'm astounded that I was able to bring it home for just $13 and change back in February, right before things got crazy.  Collecting these autographs has proven to be a unique, affordable, and very fun way to enjoy and appreciate my favorite baseball card set all over again in a whole new way.

Bert was somewhat long in the tooth by the 1990 season.  Look at the dizzying amount of statistics!  Whole lot of italics and diamonds spattered across that card back.

After this latest addition, my Topps Baseball Autographs of My Youth collection is starting to look really sweet.  This particular card is going to be hard to top as far as that little subset of my colleciton goes. 

Aside from one last purchase made today to use up an eBay Bucks certificate I earned over the first three months of the year, I plan on taking it easy when it comes to picking up new cards for a bit.  Our collective economic future seems uncertain at best, so I'm sticking to household essentials and then saving when it comes to income.  That's okay though, because I have a few more autographs for this project in my stockpile to last me through the summer!

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Fuji said...

Awesome card. Never paid Blyleven too much attention while he was playing. But after hearing so many people talk about him, he started popping up on my radar.

P.S. I'm really looking forward to using up my eBay Bucks too. Although it's the smallest amount in years. That's what happens though when you cutback on spending.

Jay said...

Just got my own version of this yesterday in the mail - a 1981 Willie Wilson in this series. I was a Giants fan, but Wilson was my favorite non-Giant of the era.

Nick said...

Very cool! For some reason, Bert "Be Home" Blyleven is one of the nicknames that stuck with me from my younger years of watching Chris Berman on ESPN.

gregory said...

Hard to beat that combination of fresh-cut green grass, a blue sky, and a sharp signature. Very nice card for your collection!

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