Monday, August 17, 2020

The Itch to Rip - Big League Blaster Part 2

Recently I picked up a pair of 2020 Topps Big League blasters on eBay for a real bargain price.  I've ripped through the first three packs of this first blaster so far, and this evening we'll tackle a few more.
Ten cards per pack in this product, with each pack typically breaking down to eight base cards, one insert, and one Orange parallel.  Let's get right to it and check out pack number four from this first blaster...
I'll confess to not being very familiar with Tommy Edman, but it looks like he had a pretty impressive rookie season in 2019, batting over .300 in more than 90 games played.
Great smile!

Maybe not the most exciting pack here, if I'm being brutally honest...
Gets a little better here though.  I love the 1990s feel of these Defensive Wizards inserts.  There's arguably not a better hitter in baseball during this weird 2020 "season" so far than Charlie Blackmon, so this one's a keeper for me for now.
Obligatory Orange parallel.

Is it me, or are the White Sox way more fun to watch right now than they have been in a really long time?
Needed all eight base cards for my set attempt, and the insert was a winner too, so a decent pack in the end.
Pack five...
This guy is a big part of the reason that both Chicago teams are so entertaining to watch right now, not just the Cubs.  This is my first official rookie card of Luis, a great pull from this blaster and definitely better than anything that spilled out of the first pack in this post.
Great image and framing job here.

As far as rookie cards go, pack five of this blaster here was loaded, with Luis Robert and Yordan Alvarez here!
Another Defensive Wizards.  Fine by me, I could see myself trying to complete this insert set actually.
What an awesome photograph on my Orange parallel.  This is such a fun set.

Probably the best pack in the blaster so far there, with two stud rookies, a keeper insert for me, and a great parallel.
Let's keep it rolling here with pack number six...
Great start, with one of the game's brightest young stars.

A really nice Orange in this pack, with the reigning AL Rookie of the Year looking great on a parallel that matches his team's colors quite well.
Don't plan on collecting this particular insert set, off to my trade/giveaway stack with this Max Muncy.

Let's do one more pack for now before we call it a night...
A nice Bo Bichette Highlights RC.  This might be my first card of Bo.
New Red Sox content!
I recently picked up a pretty nice Cody Bellinger that I'll be featuring in an upcoming Cheap Slabs post.

Another fun image here.
The collation has been fantastic so far I have to say, not a single double yet, seven packs into this thing.
Apparently I got a Yordan Alvarez hot box here, with three cards of the man in this evening's four packs alone!

This has been a really enjoyable blaster so far.  With the cards I've pulled in these first seven packs, plus the handful of loose Red Sox I've been sent by trading partners, I'm up to 57 of the 300 base cards already.

I'll finish off this first blaster in the next post with packs eight through ten, plus the five-card bonus pack of Blue parallels.  Until then, thanks as always for stopping by!


Elliptical Man said...

I guess I'll vote for the Yelich. In a few years, things might be different, with all those young guys.

Bulldog said...

Nice pull. Started out slow but finished strong. The Chapman card is my favorite. I'm still on the fence about this set but these were fun packs. Speaking of fun you are right about the White Sox.

Fuji said...

I like the idea of finding a blaster on eBay, since I haven't seen these in my area. I might end up pulling the trigger if complete set prices don't fall into my price range.

EP said...

The Chris Sale is really nice.

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