Sunday, February 17, 2019

Signature Sundays - Another '89-90 Featuring Sean Burke!

Another card bites the dust this week in my quest to land as many autographed '89-90 Topps/O-Pee-Chee hockey cards as I can.  This Sunday it's longtime NHL goaltender Sean Burke!

Sean was in the early part of his career at this point, which began with a four-year stint in New Jersey.  In his rookie season of 1987-88, the second round pick was most impressive for the Devils, as he led the club far into the playoffs and just a win from the Stanley Cup Finals.  Many fans felt he was the future of the franchise.  Few could have foreseen that just a few seasons later he'd be sent to Hartford after sitting out the entire 1991-92 season due to a contract dispute.

He'd go on to become the main goaltender for my beloved Hartford Whalers from '92-93 through the franchise's move to Carolina following the 1996-97 season.  In the end, Burke played a total of 18 seasons at the NHL level, quite impressive for any netminder.  He'd play with the Hurricanes, Canucks, Flyers, Panthers, Coyotes, Lightning, and Los Angeles Kings before putting the pads away for the final time.

Another nice addition to my project here.  I picked this one up for $4.99 with free shipping, but used the same Amex gift card that I paid for my '58 Hank Aaron with, so it really didn't set me back anything.

Tune in next Sunday for another autograph towards this project, this one sent to me by a hobby friend!

1989-90 O-Pee-Chee Sean Burke Auto - $4.99 Amex Gift Card!
2019 Running Total - $17.06


Pro Set Cards said...

Love it! Nice to see another one scratched off the list.

Marc said...

Free cards are the best cards. Nice Burke auto. Man, did he play for a bunch of teams.

Fuji said...

Nice. Burke was around when I was really into collecting hockey cards, so I'm familiar with a lot of his 90's cards (especially his Whalers stuff).

Chris said...

Very nice auto, and an underrated set IMO. I'll have to read up on his year-long holdout, it was just before I really got into hockey and I'm assuming it was pretty controversial at the time. (Then again, it could have been overshadowed by Eric Lindros's year-long holdout.)

Burkie had some great cards with the Whale.

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