Sunday, November 30, 2014

Signature Sundays - Gary Simmons

Now that I've gotten all of the 2012-13 Panini Classics Signatures cards posted I can move on to some other great autographs that have been waiting on the back burner for a while.  This week I've got one of my most recent hockey pick-ups to show you, a card I fell in love with as soon as I laid eyes on it:

This fantastic Gary Simmons autograph comes from last year's Panini Prizm release.  Yes it's a sticker auto, as are all the autographs on the checklist, but I don't mind in this case.  The killer photograph featuring the beat-up, brown pads and retro California Golden Seals sweater is what makes the card for me.  Of course Gary's signature cobra mask is the icing on the cake.  This is one of the more interesting retro photos I've seen used on a card the past few years. 

In one sense, the pads, jersey and mask don't match in the least, in another sense they look just right for the decade that this photograph came from; the '70s.  Throw in the fact that this card is super shiny and looks even better in person than it comes across in the scan, and you've got a winner in my book.

I think this particular autograph happens to be a short-print.  The card set me back somewhere around $20, which is more than I spend on the majority of my autographs.  I'd have to say this is one of my top five autographs I've landed all year though, and it's not like I broke the bank adding it to my collection.  Job well done on this one Panini (even if you did use the same photo on the card back).


Hackenbush said...

I don't remember Gary Simmons but that's a pretty scary mask.

Marc said...

Awesome card. Awesome mask. Nice pick up.

shoeboxlegends said...

Thanks guys!

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