Wednesday, May 13, 2020

One Card Post - Ronaldo!

What:  2018 Panini Prizm World Cup Green & Orange Wave #154 - Cristiano Ronaldo
Where:  COMC
How Much?:  $8.50

Why?:  I know soccer cards aren't that much of a thing around the sports card blogs, but I enjoy them.  I had a blast watching the 2018 World Cup, and ripped many, many packs of the Panini Prizm World Cup set that summer and fall.  I'm not only trying to complete the base set, but I'm also trying to build the 300-card set a second time in parallel format.  This will be sort of a parallel franken-set I guess, where I'll try to get as much variety across the many types of parallels as I can manage on my budget.  Nice to get one of the big three names from this set (Messi & Mbappe being the others) represented in that endeavor.

If $8.50 seems expensive to you for a modern soccer parallel, you'd be surprised.  With the soccer card market having really taken off recently, this is now a $20+ card based on most recent sales.


Fuji said...

It doesn't surprise me. It's the most popular sport in the world. Only a matter of time before some of the fans become interested in collecting cards.

Captain Canuck said...

That's a cool card. Love those parallels.

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