Saturday, March 28, 2009

Budget Card Store Run - 1986 Topps Rack Pack

The next item from my $8 card store run is the one I've enjoyed the most so far. I purchased two rack packs of 1986 Topps for the whopping price of $1 a piece. Each pack contains 3 sections of 17 cards each, for a total of 51 cards, plus one glossy all-star card (in this pack it was the Steve Garvey pictured above). For whatever reason my collection was completely devoid of 1986 Topps, and I figured this would be a great opportunity to pick up about 100 pack fresh cards for just $2. Here are some of the highlights from the first pack:
#5 - Pete Rose Tribute - The first few cards in the set were Rose tribute cards showing his cards from prior Topps releases.

#205 - Tony Perez Record Breaker - This is a really random card, Tony became the oldest player to hit a grand slam. Carlton Fisk and Julio Franco have since surpassed him though. Franco was 45 when he connected for one back in 2004!

#254 - Ozzie Guillen - I believe this is Ozzie's rookie if I'm not mistaken.

#326 - Kent Tekulve - Just an awesome card all around.

#355 - Lee Smith - Lee was in the midst of a run of 4 straight 30 save seasons for Chicago at this time.

#374 - Terry Francona - Nice cheesy shot of Boston's manager.

#400 - Rod Carew - This one pretty much speaks for itself...

#402 - Tom Seaver Turn Back the Clock

#487 - Bret Saberhagen - A young Bret standing in the old Yankee Stadium. It feels weird to write that...

#581 - Bruce Hurst - Gotta show any Red Sox cards.

#709 - Dwight Gooden All-Star - This would've been a great card to pull in '86. Doc was coming off of a Rookie of the Year campaign in 1984, and a 24-win Cy Young season in 1985.

#712 - Don Mattingly All-Star

#734 - Marty Barrett

#736 - Glenn Wilson - Awesome aviator sunglasses.

#749 - Ed Jurak - The third and final Boston Red Sox card. This almost looks like it was shot at dusk, but the sky seems fairly blue so I think it's just a poor shot.
Well that was worth the $1 without a doubt. I wish I'd picked up more of these. Grand total so far...$3.

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Unknown said...

Double check the number of cards per rack pack. I show 3 sleeves of 16 cards plus the all-star card for a total of 49 cards. I've got a page dedicated to the 1986 Topps set at

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