Sunday, July 25, 2010

What I Bought Instead of Allen & Ginter - Post #3

Time to catch back up with my pseudo-Allen & Ginter hobby box. Today's post is nothing too crazy, and probably won't turn any heads, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment. As part of a Sportlots order I picked up the last 15 cards that I needed to finish off the 1991 Topps Stadium Club (Series 1) set. Way back when I busted a hobby box of this stuff, which left me just short of the set, these last cards bring me to completion. Not all 15 are real winners, so here are my favorite 5:

#2 - Wally Joyner - I have to confess that I stopped reading before I got anywhere near the end, but I didn't know until writing this post that Joyner's name came up in the Mitchell Report. He had a few great years and I remember his cards being very popular when I first started collecting, but he seemed to fizzle out over time.

#57 - Frank Thomas - Not the most unique or interesting shot of the Big Hurt.

#154 - Ozzie Smith - I like that they caught Ozzie mid-laugh, I just wish the background were more interesting than a concrete wall...

#247 - Joe Girardi - Current Yankees manager. I told you these weren't exactly the most exciting group of cards, so Girardi makes the top 5...

#264 - Ben McDonald - McDonald reminds me of Joyner a bit in that there was quite a bit of hype when he came into the league, but over time he never really met expectations. I think a lot of the build-up had to do with his major contributions to the 1988 US Olympic gold medal team. More than anything, I remember him as being incredibly tall.

Well that about does it. It took me almost a year but finishing sets is something I don't do nearly enough, and it's a good feeling. Wonder where I can get a cheap Series 2 box?

Cost: $3
Running Total: $33


Mariner1 said...

Seeing the Pictures on those cards reminds me how much I miss the 80's and early 90's. I remember when the players wore their unis tight, and wore sanitaries and stirrups. Not like these guys nowadays with baggy uniforms and pants down past their shoes. Today's players look like they are in their pajamas.

Sal said...

Nice looking set. If I find one for cheap, I might have to pick it up (so far, I only have 2 complete baseball sets).

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