Sunday, February 10, 2013

Signature Sundays - Clay Buchholz

Last Sunday was a hockey autograph, so this week I'll switch back to baseball.  This week's card is my second Clay Buchholz auto, from 2008 Allen & Ginter:

I truly stole this card, with a winning bid of $2.56 (plus $1.95 shipping).  Clay joins Mike Lowell and Wily Mo Pena to make 3 Allen & Ginter Red Sox autographs now in my collection.  He's the only one of the three who'll be on this year's roster, and he's one of the many question marks for the 2013 Red Sox.  If the Red Sox are to get even a whiff of post-season play there are many things that need to break just right, and Clay remaining healthy and making at least 25+ starts is one of them.

Sweetening the pot was the fact that this auction also included a copy of Clay's flagship Topps rookie card:

This has always been one of my favorites from the 2008 set.  A great shot of the Fenway scoreboard behind Clay, and the color scheme and design of the set really work well with this photo.  These two are the 33rd and 34th Buchholz cards in my collection.

After I won the auction, the seller contacted me to let me know that he included another bonus card in the package that he thought I'd appreciate.

He certainly hit the nail on the head with this vintage beauty, from the 1960 Fleer set.  This is my first card of the long-time player/manager/owner, who is enshrined in Cooperstown.  Next Sunday we'll be back to some hockey...

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Anonymous said...

The photo on the '08 Topps card is from his no-hitter. I wonder if it's the final pitch.

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