Monday, December 30, 2013

Pack Rip - 2010 Topps Series 2 Hobby

Here's the second of five packs I received as a Christmas present, 2010 Topps Series 2.  This was a perfect choice, as I purchased a crapload of Series 1 back in 2010, then got bored with the set long before Series 2 hit the shelves.  I should need virtually all of these, let's crack it open...

Ouch.  I need this card, and there aren't many better ways to start off a pack than with a new Red Sox card, but this is a painful reminder that Jacoby is no longer with the team.  Not the end of the world though, I think the Yankees overpaid in typical fashion.  Will Jackie Bradley Jr. be Jacoby Ellsbury?  Probably not (but you never know).  Will Jacoby Ellsbury ever be 2011 Jacoby Ellsbury again though?  I don't think so, short porch in Yankee Stadium or not.  Let's see how many other players in this pack are no longer with the depicted team, not even four years later...

Since this set came out Pena left the Rays for the Cubs, came back to Tampa, then spent time with Houston and Kansas City, and is now a free agent.

Still with Kansas City, although Luke appears to be painted on this card.  Strange photo to say the least.

Dan is still kicking around the Giants organization, at least I think he is, although he didn't see any action with the Major League club in 2013 and appears to have been designated for assignment.

This card was kind of a cool pull for me as Petco Park is one of the very few MLB ballparks I've been to.

On to the inserts, and we start off with a cool old-time photo of Bob Feller.

A Legendary Lineage card that compares Mickey Mantle and Mark Teixeira (excuse me while I yak).  Both of these inserts are off to the Zistle trade list, I should have no trouble finding an interested party for them.

An interesting story.  Dallas pitched a perfect game in 2010 (remember?), but just a few starts into his next season suffered a series of injuries that have kept him out of the game since.  It appears as though he may actually be finished.

Clint left Colorado for the Astros, and is now a Pirate.

In closing, an insert of another guy whose career may be in the rear view mirror.

Some new cards for the collection (I didn't have any of the base cards), and some nice trade bait as well, I'd call that pack a win...

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