Sunday, December 30, 2018

Signature Sundays - Duane Sutter

Today's Signature Sundays post features a card that I acquired thanks to a tip-off from my good friend and reader of the blog, Marc B!  Marc sent me a link for an eBay auction that I was completely unaware of but was right up my alley.  In the end, just $4 and change brought this card home to my collection:

Sweet!  Duane Sutter is the latest addition to my small side-project of acquiring autographed cards from the first hockey set I ever collected as a kid, 1989-90 Topps/O-Pee-Chee!  This is one of the most satisfying projects in the hobby for me, and to add another card to that collection for less cash than a fast food value meal would set me back was just plain awesome.

Duane Sutter is best known for his long stint with the Islanders throughout most of the '80s, including multiple Stanley Cup championships.  Aside from that, the Sutters are one of the more famous families in the annals of hockey history.  Duane signed this one with a nice, bold blue Sharpie, and the card looks great.  This is actually my second certified auto of Duane's, as he and a few of his brothers were featured in one of my all-time favorite autograph sets, Panini Classics Signatures.

This particular card is actually a certified buyback autograph from the 2007-08 O-Pee-Chee hockey release.  You can see the authentication sticker along the top of the card back here.

Like each of these that I've acquired so far, it comes with a nice Certificate of Authenticity from Upper Deck which matches the hologram on the reverse.  Honestly, at a $4 price point I wouldn't have been shocked had the CoA not come with the card in this case, but fortunately for me it did.

Here's the back of the CoA.  I've mentioned this before I think, but I love that Upper Deck actually took the time to personalize these ("includes a personal autograph from Duane Sutter") instead of using the same generic text on each.

So yeah, there you have it. Another '89-90 auto bites the dust.  I could not be happier with this card.  Based on the low price point and on how great a fit this is for my personal collection, I would say this was easily one of my favorite bargain purchases of 2018, period.

Thanks for the tip on this auction Marc, and to everyone else thanks for stopping by to check out my Duane Sutter auto!


Coast To Posts said...

Nice pickup! I will have to take a look through my autograph collection to see if I have any uncertified signed cards from that set to send your way - I mean, if you're into that and not just collecting the OPC/Topps Authenticated Buy Backs!

Marc said...

Sweet card. Glad to have helped.

gregory said...

Great pickup at a great price! I also love those Panini Classics autographs. It's too bad they didn't include Brian Sutter in that set.

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