Sunday, October 18, 2009

Red Sox Collection - 1971 Topps George Scott

How Did I Acquire the Card? eBay

How Much Did I Pay for the Card? $.80

Why is This One of My Favorite Red Sox Cards? When I started collecting cards again in 2007 I basically began with a clean slate. While I did recover most of my childhood collection, I only collected from 1989 to 1994, which was the height of overproduction. Not only that, but I really enjoyed the cards and they're in "gently used" condition at best in most cases. Finally, I only owned 3 cards made before 1980. As a result, I've had to build up my vintage collection from scratch.

One of the sets I like most is 1971 Topps. With some of the Hall-of-Famers in this set and the tough-to-find high numbers I doubt I will ever complete the whole set, so I take the approach of picking up a few cards here and there as I run across them (which doesn't happen frequently). My modest collection stands at 33 cards, and this George Scott is one of my favorites. While I may never complete the '71 set, I recently made a pick-up that's about the next best thing. Post coming soon...

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