Monday, December 28, 2009

Trade with Old School Breaks

I recently completed my first trade with John from Old School Breaks. This was different than most trades I've completed, in that it was a simple exchange of a few cards going each direction. I had posted about a Nolan Ryan Upper Deck Decade 1970's card I had picked up, and how I couldn't seem to find many cards from the set. John responded, had busted a box and had a few Red Sox to send me. I sent him some Yankees inserts and a few Devils cards. Here's what John sent:
5 Red Sox cards from the Upper Deck Decade 1970's set. This Dwight Evans is an example of what the regular base cards look like. Very very similar to the 1975 Topps design, but I'm a sucker for retro feel and cards featuring retired players.

I always think of Aparicio as a White Sox player, and forget that he spent the final 3 years of his career with the Red Sox.

This Fred Lynn card is from the Rookie 1970's Flashback subset. Not much different from the base cards. They moved the player name to the top of the card and slapped a big black and white Rookie banner across the bottom.

The second Lynn card in the package is from the Award Winners subset. This card obviously pays tribute to the 1975 season in which Lynn captured the AL MVP, AL Rookie of the Year, and the hearts of New England sports fans. I do have a complaint though. They used the same photo as the Lynn card above. It really bothers me when companies do this. You don't have another photo of Lynn Upper Deck?

The final 70's Decade card was probably my favorite. The last 10 cards of the base set are these World Series Highlights cards (one for each year 70 - 79). Great way to end the set. The final card in John's package was this:

2003 Topps Finest - #FRB-NG - Nomar Garciaparra - Although I have a decent number of Garciaparra cards in my collection, this is definitely my first game-used card.

The Garciaparra card was a great addition to my collection, and the 70's Decade cards are pretty cool. I really don't need another set to build right now, so I have to resist the temptation to buy a hobby box. Thanks for the great package John!


night owl said...

The Upper Deck '70s set is one of my favorites. I intend to complete it one day.

Phil Mc said...

I busted a box when it first came out, if you'd like me to take a look at what Sox are in there, let me know...


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