Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Card of the Month - December 2009

2007 eTopps Nolan Ryan Les Paul Bronze eConvention Something-or-other

December's card of the month is my very first (and likely only) foray into the realm of eTopps. To be quite honest with you I'm not even 100% sure of exactly what eTopps is. I bought this card to add to my Nolan Ryan collection based on the fact that only 10 of them exist and I won the auction at a mere $10, which seems pretty reasonable. I'm always partial to Ryan cards that feature him as a Met as well.

From what I can gather, eTopps is a site where you can create an account and accumulate and track "virtual" cards online. It seems as though Topps prints the cards though, and you can decide to have the physical slabbed card shipped to you (which this seller must've done prior to the auction). If not, Topps will store it for you in a climate controlled warehouse.

I've seen the "regular" instance of this eTopps card, a 1967 Topps Ryan that never was, but this one is a gold and foil disaster! I have no idea what an eConvention is, nor do I know what place a Gibson Les Paul guitar has on this card. As someone who plays guitar though, I thought it was a unique addition to my collection.

The back is pretty cool too, with the old school cartoons and all. In checking eTopps' website, it doesn't look like they've released any hockey cards since '03 (probably can't due to Upper Deck's exclusive licensing deal with the NHL). I doubt I'll ever purchase any of the virtual eTopps cards, but this slabbed beauty is a welcome addition to my growing Nolan Ryan collection!

Is there anyone out there who is familiar with eTopps and can shed any light on what exactly this card represents?

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