Monday, March 11, 2013

A Pair of Yellow Champ's from Wax Stain Rookie

This past week I found a surprise PWE in the mail from Dave at Wax Stain Rookie.  Inside were a couple of cards we had talked about a while back that I had totally forgotten about:

Both were the hard-to-pull yellow parallels from the 2009-10 Upper Deck Champ's hockey set.  Mikko Koivu here is actually the more rare "animal icon" parallel, which almost slipped by me until I scanned the card in.

Here's the other card, a guy who's having an amazing year so far in 2013, after capturing a Cup last season.

Dave, thank you very much for your generosity and for thinking of me out of the blue.  I found a few Devils cards at the hobby shop this weekend to send back to you in return.  I'm an idiot though and I threw out your envelope before jotting down your address.  If you can drop me an email with your mailing address I'll get your package out today!

I've got a couple more trade posts coming this week featuring awesome packages from The Underdog Card Collector and Brad's Blog.  Stay tuned...

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Pro Set Cards said...

Sorry about taking so long....but I am happy they did eventually arrive. I had no idea there was a difference between the two I had sent, I just assumed they were both yellow parallels. Hopefully you aren`t too disappointed one is the animal version :)

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