Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zistle Trade with BucCollector

Still getting through my backlog of packages and trade posts, and getting more bubble mailers in the mail, so hang in there if you're waiting on cards from me.  Here's another trade completed in 2013, with Zistle member BucCollector.  I sent him a few Pirates, no big surprise given his username, and in return got 5 unique cards...

The very first card in the 1980 Topps set, paying tribute to two Hall-of-Famers who crossed the 3,000 hit threshold the year prior.  A great addition to my Red Sox and Carl Yastrzemski collections.

This interesting item is something I've definitely never encountered before.  It's stamped 1977, and features everyone's favorite forest-fire-preventing bear.  To the right is an area where you could affix a sticker, mine being a mini sticker reprint of a 1972 Topps Rookie Stars card.  Certainly an interesting oddball item!

There were two more cards I needed towards my 1982 Topps...

...both of them Pirates, which seems about right in an envelope from BucCollector.

Last but not least is my favorite item, a 1979-80 Topps team poster of my beloved Hartford Whalers.  This folds out to a decent size, if you want to see a more detailed picture just click for a larger version.

Thanks for the trade BucCollector!

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