Monday, May 19, 2014

Suckered In - The Next Two Packs...and Some Bonus Material

Picked up one of these a while back.  10 packs for $11.99.  Not my usual thing but so far I've been pleasantly surprised.  Today I'll tear into the next two packs, starting with 2008-09 Upper Deck Collector's Choice...

Just six cards in this one, here we go...

Retired a couple of years ago after multiple hip surgeries.  Married to actress Hilary Duff.

Marek is still kicking around with the New Jersey Devils.  These cards are kind of boring.

Here's a guy who's been enjoying another solid playoff run, in fact he put the nail in the Kings' coffin with the third goal in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals yesterday.

Here's my one-per-pack Choice Reserve card, rookie Mattias Ritola.  After some time with the Wings and the Lightning Mattias has been playing in the Swedish Elite League the past couple of seasons.

The anti-Toews, here's a guy whose team seems incapable of winning in the post-season.

Finishing off a disappointing pack with a player who had a disappointing season with his new team in Toronto.  That was definitely a snoozer.  Maybe today's second pack, 2010-11 Donruss will help?

10 cards, at least that's respectable.  I'm not a huge fan of this design, but let's see what I got...

Now playing in the KHL in Russia...

Dupe!  Off to the doubles box...

Alright this pack is not much better so far.

Probably my favorite card in either pack.  Funny to pull a guy I used to watch in the mid-'90s out of a 2010 product, and still playing for the same team no less.

At least I got a decent insert, I'm a fan of these Tough Times cards and this is just my second one.

Dave, if you need this card or the Clarkson from last pack they're yours.

Man that game 7 was awful...

That's it for today.  Those were two dull packs for sure.  I guess the only silver lining is that I "needed" all of those cards but one, but did I really need any of them?  Probably not.

Since there wasn't much of note to be found there, let's look at a few cards that are more up my alley from one of these 75-cards-for-a-dollar grab bags from my LCS:

Ah, much better!  What a great card, and new to me!  I only picked up a pack or two of Select back in the day, and those cards are long gone.

I think the '90s will always be my favorite decade for hockey cards, even huge busts like Alexandre Daigle are welcome in my collection.

Great shot of the Nordiques logo, and great player too.

I really like this Select set quite a bit.  I don't need another hockey set to collect, but if I did I'd consider this one.

I doubt a Larry King card is going to come spilling out of any of those packs from Target!

Cheap rookie of one of the most dominating goaltenders I've had the pleasure to watch as a fan.

I've mentioned this before, but I was a huge fan of the 'Legion of Doom' Flyers line, so I was very pleased when this Metal Universe Renberg came out of the bag.

How about some obnoxious Fleer?

Forsberg rookie!

Finally, one last example of why I'm liking the '94-95 Select set.

Ah, much better.  I think that helped to get the taste of those two awful packs out of my mouth.  I'll continue on with the miscellaneous packs later this week...


Hackenbush said...

Can't say that Chippy helps the card but I gotta love the Captain Serious. I don't really hear that nickname much lately. I thought the Hawks were scuffling coming into the playoffs but they look like they have a chance to do it now. Shows what I know.

Pro Set Cards said...

Great collection of cards there. For some reason I catch myself occasionally wanting a 92/93 Ultra set. Maybe I will buy a box or two some day and chase it.

Thanks for the offer, not sure what cards I do or don't need but I will check into those Donruss because I am actually trying to do the whole set with rookies.

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