Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thorzul's May Group Break

Recently Thorzul of Thorzul Will Rule held one of his cheap-o breaks consisting of a large lot that he acquired.  I've done a couple of these before, and just happened to catch the sign-up post while the Red Sox were still available.  They weren't exactly the best draw in this lot, but Bill was nice enough to supplement with a couple of cards from his own collection to make up for it.

This was one of the bonus throw-in cards, an interesting idea for an insert from 2006 Topps.  I liked Mueller quite a bit during his time here, and was sad when he was dealt, although I don't recall him doing a whole lot after his days in Boston.

I scored a couple of cards off of the 2013 Topps Update Series checklist that I needed in the form of Drake Britton...

...and David Ortiz.  I actually got the emerald parallel of this card from Thorzul previously in this past year's 'Trade Me Anything' series, nice to have the base card to accompany it.

There was some pretty recent stuff included in the break, like this awesome Opening Day Stars insert of David Ortiz, which hails from 2014 Opening Day, a product that hit shelves not too long ago.

Here's the other game-used card I scored, also a pity throw-in from Thorzul.  This one is numbered to 99 on the back, and if my research is accurate it's a Clubhouse Collection Copper relic from 2004 Topps.  Kind of cool to get a relic card from the year the team broke "the curse".

I don't know too many collectors that aren't drawn by the allure of a good shiny refractor.  Even though my scanner made part of it appear blue, this is a purple refractor from 2013 Topps Chrome.

I might not have come away with a ton of cards overall, but I did get some new cardboard featuring Boston's bright, young prospects.  This Jackie Bradley Jr. insert is from 2013 Topps Update, and commemorates his first big-league appearance in April of last year.

I've seen these black retail parallels from 2014 Heritage on a few blogs, I think they come with the purchase of a 3-pack retail blister pack.

Last but not least, my favorite card from the lot, a 2014 Donruss Xander Bogaerts RC.  Although he's gotten off to a slow start (along with virtually everyone else on the squad), Xander is one of the young players on the team with the most potential to become a bona fide MLB star.  I'll gladly accept any of his rookies, especially one from a product I completely avoided.

Thanks for the cards Thorzul, I'll definitely keep my eyes open for any future breaks!

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