Sunday, August 10, 2014

Signature Sundays - Penmanship Battle - Fontinato vs. Baun

This week I'm featuring another pair of autographs from the Panini Classics Signatures set.  If you were a forward playing in the NHL 50 to 60 years ago, you wouldn't be thrilled to see either of these players line up on the opposing blue line.

Lou Fontinato was the rouger of the two I'd say, although obviously both players were way before my time as a fan (or a human being for that matter).  He was known as an enforcer, probably the enforcer in the league during the time he played.  Apparently had a long-running feud with Gordie Howe, and frequently was at the top or near the top in total penalty minutes each season he was around.

Paired up with Lou is another defenseman, Bobby Baun of the Leafs.  If you didn't pay attention, he could put you right on your back as well, but was known as a "cleaner" checker than Fontinato was.  Baun won an impressive four Stanley Cups with Toronto in the '60s.

What I want to know is, which guy do you think has the nicer signature?  I was very impressed by how well both of these turned out, especially given that Baun is now 77 years old, Fontinato 82!  I think I have to give the edge to Bobby for dramatically extending that final N out below his entire name.  Then again, I kind of like how Fontinato used a single stroke to cross both Ts.  What's your vote?


Al Kawamoto said...

I'd probably call it a tie but as a Leaf fan, Bobby wins

Hackenbush said...

They are both nice. I'll go with your pick.

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