Sunday, July 28, 2013

Signature Sundays - Mike Greenwell

This week's Signature Sundays post features my fourth and final 2013 Topps Archives autograph, Mike Greenwell:

Greenwell was perhaps the player I was most excited to see on the auto checklist.  He's another Red Sox player that I've been searching for a good certified autograph of for some time.  Mike's perhaps best known for his 1988 season where he set career highs with a .325 batting average, 22 HR and 119 RBI.  He famously lost the MVP vote that season to Jose Canseco, something Greenwell was rather vocal about at one point years later, after we all found out the truth about Canseco.

In the end, he appeared in 12 seasons, all with the Red Sox, before calling it quits after 1996.  Over those 12 years, he appeared in 100+ games just 7 times.  He was always a steady, near-.300 hitter with decent power (15-20 HR and close to 40 doubles on average, if he played a full year).

Here's the original, 1988 Topps card that this Fan Favorites Auto is based off of.  Definitely an '80s classic for a Red Sox collector.  As you can see, Topps stayed fairly true to the original design, but with an updated photo.

As I said, this will likely be my last 2013 Topps Archives autograph, as it gives me all four Red Sox cards on the checklist...

Here's a look at all four of them together.  Not a bad grouping at all right there!  Nice to be able to knock off this small autographed team set...

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