Sunday, April 20, 2014

Signature Sundays - Brad Marchand

Just a quick one tonight, featuring an autograph I picked up a while back on the cheap.

It's hard to tell from the scan, but these Trilogy Ice Scripts autographs, which have been around a few years now, are very thick.  They've got rounded edges and are made of an acetate, plastic-type material, very solid cards.  Brad Marchand here, who really needs to pick up his play a bit after the first couple of playoff games, set me back just $8 and change.

The white area containing the signature is actually transparent, which is more obvious when you look at the back of the card and see the reverse of the signature from the front:

In addition to annoying the hell out of opponents, Brad has been a consistent scorer for the Bruins in his early career.  He's topped 20 goals in three of his first four seasons (the only time he came up short of that was 2012-13, when he missed nearly half the season due to injury).  This year he played in every single game the team had, and topped the 25-goal and 50-point marks.

For around $10 shipped I'm happy to have just about any autograph from the 2011 Stanley Cup Championship team!

1 comment:

Rosenort said...

Love those Ice Scripts, been wanting to pick one of those us myself, nice score.

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