Friday, December 4, 2015

The Most Addicting Hobby Site Around

For me personally, the most fun that can be had in this hobby for $20 or less is on COMC.  Sure, blasters are nice.  You can get some pretty nice vintage cards for a $20 as well.  Every collector is different, but as far as I'm concerned loading up some credit in my COMC account and going bargain hunting is as good a way to kill a couple hours as anything else.

If you use COMC you know that Black Friday weekend is when most sellers offer their biggest discounts of the year.  With enough digging around you can find bargains any time of year, but on Black Friday weekend deals abound. 

I have to make some room where I store my incoming COMC cards before my Black Friday shipment shows up, so let's look at some I had shipped a while back but hadn't added to my inventoried collection until now.  My favorite parallel of the '90s kicks things off, man I love Museum Collection.

This Geoff Sanderson is a refractor from 1995-96 Topps Finest.  There weren't a ton of Finest hockey sets, and the refractors this year fell at two per box, so this was too solid a card to pass up for my ever-growing Whalers collection.  Especially for a buck even.

If I didn't already have 50 hobby projects going at once, I'd seriously consider putting together a 2011 Topps Marquee set.  This is the 10th one I've accumulated without even really trying, just because the photographs are so great.

As a fan of both shiny cards and parallels, of course I enjoy the "Wave Refractors" that have been in Bowman Chrome products the past few years.  I have a couple much better players than Allen here coming in my shipment.

Very, very, very slowly chipping away at the two 2011 Gypsy Queen framed parallel sets...

Black Refractor, #'d to /100.

Over 50 unique Bogaerts cards now!

I honestly didn't even know that Dennis Eckersley had a Kellogg's card depicting him with the Red Sox until I stumbled across this one on COMC.  The best part is this clean, mint copy cost just 65 cents!

I've sent these parallels, which were released in a variety of Bowman sets last year, off to some other bloggers, and I'm trying to track down any and all Red Sox for my own collection.

Total random purchase here.  I always really liked Olerud as a player, so I looked up what was available on COMC for his cards one day.  This Topps 206 mini framed relic was an easy pick-up at a whopping $1.40.
I don't know why I feel the need to track down as many Red Sox parallels as humanly possible, but I do.

I led off the post with a '94 Museum Collection card, and here's another.  I'm right around 30% complete as far as a Red Sox team set goes.  Getting there...

I kind of regret not looking through the '59 Topps inventory and just picking up every card I needed that was under 50 cents last weekend.  This Jerry Casale is awfully nice, and pulls double duty as a needed card for my '59 set, and a new Red Sox card.

Mike Napoli wouldn't make my list of all-time favorite Red Sox players by any means, but his cards tend to be cheap which means rarer parallels like this one from 2014 Topps are actually affordable.  This is an orange parallel, I think they came in retail hanger boxes only or something like that.

I'll finish up for tonight with a pair of cards that offer further evidence of my love of shiny.  From 2014 Panini Prizm World Cup, a beautiful Yellow and Red Pulsar parallel of Uruguay's Luis Suarez.  The parallels from this set usually demand at least a few bucks, especially for the better players like Suarez, so I jumped on this one when a seller lowered their price to less than $2.

Closing it out with what may be my favorite card of the entire post.  In my opinion this is about as good as you could possibly do without a license.  The Elite Dominator graphic covers up the cap, and there aren't any issues with airbrushed jerseys when you use a photograph that's so old the player is rocking a sweater!  I love his comically tiny glove tucked into his belt there too.  Just awesome.

This is my 7th Cy Young card.  I have 51 Xander Bogaerts cards.  What does that say about my collection?  Whatever it says, I certainly can't wait for my next COMC shipment to arrive!


Captain Canuck said...

email me your addy so I can get those cards out to you...

Tim B. said...

I love the Cy, the Eck, and the Museum Collections! I should probably delve into COMC at some point in the near future.

Hackenbush said...

That Cy Young is so anachronistic. Hope I didn't just pull an Alanis. I'm still in a card austerity period so I haven't even added to my one card COMC basket. Maybe for my birthday in March.

Nick said...

Old-timey baseball sweaters rule.

Pro Set Cards said...

You can never have enough Cy! Great lot of cards there.

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