Thursday, December 3, 2015

Shiny Sox from Sportlots

I've got about five minutes to devote to the blog today, so how about some nice shiny cards I picked up from Sportlots a while back?

I love me some Topps Chrome parallels, and this particular seller had a bunch of Red Sox for less than a buck a piece.

I was particularly happy to land this sweet Mookie Betts Sepia for just 95 cents!  I'm up to 27 unique Betts cards now, not bad for someone who's only been on the scene for a couple of seasons.

I actually got a second copy of this card in a trade package from Tim B (post coming soon), but it's not a problem as I'm sure Mark Hoyle will appreciate it in his next PWE.

A pair of Prism Refractors in this particular order...

Same guy had a few Pink Refractors.  These were retail exclusives, really like how they look.  Amazingly, Tim sent me a copy of this Hanley Ramirez as well, so another card off to Mark Hoyle!

This Rusney Castillo RC is one of only two cards in this lot that cost me more than a dollar.  Was still less than two though!

Future Stars Rusney Castillo, also from Topps Chrome, was the steal of the order at 35 cents.

It wasn't all Topps Chrome though, I picked up a handful of shiny cards from some other sets as well.  This Mookie Betts is a Silver Ice parallel.  Not super rare or valuable, but they sure do scan well.

I even ventured into the dreaded territory of unlicensed cards with this order.  Sure, these cards would look better with team logos and the word Red Sox somewhere on them, but they're some pretty sweet parallels nonetheless.  This Black and White Checker Prism is numbered to /149, which I actually did not know until it arrived.

These last two are apparently Red White & Blue Mojo Prisms.  Whatever.

All I know is they are sharp looking cards if you're a fan of shiny like I am.

That's all I've got time for, sorry for mailing it in.  At least my draft folder is now reduced by one post...

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Anonymous said...

Nice cards! I've definitely got to pick up some of those sepia parallels, especially since they're not numbered this year.

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